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Do you know anyone making their First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion or Confirmation this spring?

Over the years, we have compiled an awesome number of Cathletics Craft Kits to help teach and celebrate Catechism, Saints, Mass, Prayers

…and Sacraments!

I’ve compiled a bundle of our craft kits to help you make a unique Sacrament Scrapbook for your little First Communicant or Confirmandi…easily including blessings and prayers from all of your closest family and friends!


It starts with the PrayerLoom Prayerbook , and there’s a craft kit for that! It includes a neat template to email or snailmail to family and friends. The kit also includes links and tips to customize the scrapbook with your favorite prayers and images.

The All Season Prayer Bank offers over 75 prayer cards

…and a number of our Kelly Saints Craft Kits offer awesome Saint images! We recommend the Kelly Saints Stamps or Saint Stickies  or Conversations Pieces for the Saint images (plus, there are so many other awesome crafts you can do with these kits!)

Our Journey with Jesus Craft Kit Series gives you perfect clipart, and thoughtful prompts and fill-in-the-blank Catechism about the Sacraments. There are three kits available: (all 7) Sacraments, (Baptism through to) Holy Communion and (Baptism through to) Confirmation

Reconciliation Prep offers Sneak Peek Sheets for first time Reconciliation…or a Reconciliation Refresher!

The Hand in Hand with Jesus hardcover Faith Journal is the Catholic Baby Book…or Catholic “All About Me” journal. It’s perfect as a Baptism present, but by Reconciliation/First Communion age, kids can really take over the writing part of it and record their details, answers and reflections throughout the illustrated pages.


The Sacrament Gift Bundle is available Tuesday February 16th at Zelie and Co!

Sacrament kits for Sacrament Scrapbook

The Sacrament Gift Bundle includes:

FIVE PDF Craft Kits* to make the perfect Sacrament Scrapbook!

Prayer-Loom-PrayerBanksacramentsCatholic Conversation PiecesReconciliation-Prep-cover-smallall season prayer bank

PrayerLoom Prayerbook and Family/Friends Template
Journey with Jesus through the Sacraments (thoughtful Catechism and reflection questions and prompts)
Conversations Pieces (with Saints and Sacraments clipart!)
Reconciliation Prep (Sneak Peek Sheets for easy reference)
All Season Prayer Bank (pick and choose from 75 prayer cards)

Hand in Hand with Jesus (Hardcover Faith Journal shipped)

Holy Communion Scrapbook and GiftCheck out Zelie and Co to place your bid

on February 16th!

Retail Value:$81US
Starting Bid: $59US

*substitutions are absolutely allowed! =) If you already have one of the kits, let me know which other Cathletics Craft Kit (of same or lesser value) you would like to substitute!



  1. Thank you for sharing this idea for sacraments! It peeked my interest as I’ve been wanting to do something special to recognize all the sacraments had in our family. My oldest is 3 years old, so we have a few years before first communion. I’d like to make a sacrament wall in our living room. My initial thought is pictures of each of us on the special day of each sacrament. I have collected photos from my husband and my childhoods. Do you have any ideas for a sacrament feature similar to this? God bless your wonderful work!

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