10 Tips for Faith+Family=focused Ordinary Time

We just took down our tree…on the Solemnity of the Baptism of the Lord: the last day of the Christmas Season. Sometimes we feel a little down when the official Christmas season is over. It’s hard to jump enthusiastically into Ordinary Time, because it sounds so, well, ordinary!

But Catholic living can add so much richness to our every day life and celebrating our Faith and family culture can be an active pursuit all year long! Here are ten ideas to foster your own family culture…while integrating the richness of our Catholic Faith with Saints, Sacraments, Scripture, Catechism and Prayer!

All of our Cathletics Craft Kits come with permission to copy for family use and they’re packed with Catechism, Saints, Sacraments and Prayer to get you started, but we’ve included other helpful links too!

1. Build your own Family Culture and Traditions

Print out those digital photos and keep them along with memorable certificates, cards, letters and artwork in a safe place.

  • Collect family artifacts and treasures including our Courting Scrapbook
  • Create family trivia

  • Display a perpetual calendar with important family dates and patron saint dates!
  • Research and construct your family tree
  • String together (or hole punch) favorite cards or memory catcher cards or pics!
  • Start a shoebox of love letters for each child or Godchild
  • Make a quilt (or throw pillows!) of favorite (outgrown) t-shirts

2. Build your Family Repertoire of Prayers

Collect family prayers and make up new ones. Give Prayer Journaling a try; we’ve got lots of craft kits and practical tips to make it extra fun and engaging…for the whole family!

Here are some of our most popular Prayer Journal kits:



3. Tackle the Catechism…with these fun crafts and games!

Our Catholic Faith is so rich! We don’t have to resort to boring textbooks or last minute Sacrament Prep homework to become more familiar with teachings and terms of our Catholic Faith. Learn the fun way with these printable craft kits:


4. Savor Scripture! Start Bible Journaling; Record and Memorize Scripture

Establish a Bible in a year habit, record favorite verses and challenge your family to memorize them!  Write down favorite Scripture as you read it…and leave post-it notes or paint chips in the car or kitchen table. Use them as bookmarks or tape to them to a mirror or the fridge.


5. Re-orient your Family Schedule; Live Liturgically!

Revisit organization techniques…convert your planner or calendar to be Catholic! Live the Liturgical Calendar!

We’ve got Calendar and Planner Resources

Saint Stickies

Sacrament Prep and Celebration!


6. Celebrate the Extraordinary and Ordinary Family Events and Milestones!

Make Ordinary Time Extraordinary!

Establish weekly (or at least monthly) Family Events

  • Movie night,
  • Board game night
  • Seasonal sports events
  • skating, tobogganing, snowball fight / beach time, picnics, hikes
  • talk about family memories including family trips and celebrations OFTEN
  • look through family scrapbooks and watch home movies OFTEN

Celebrate the Extraordinary Events and Milestones and Family Firsts…but celebrate the every day ORDINARY things too!

Celebrate First Sacrament Anniversaries

  • Annually: celebrate Baptism Dates, Patron Saint Feast Days, First Reconciliation, Holy Communion and Confirmation Anniversaries in addition to birthdays and wedding anniversaries and memorials


  • As they happen: celebrate First Day of School, Big Kid Bed, First Tooth Loss, Riding a Bike without training wheels, Drivers Permit
  • As they happen: celebrate good grades in school, recitals, concerts
  • As they happen: celebrate little victories like overcoming a bad habit, conquering a challenge or taking on new responsibilities



7. Prep for Mass

Refocus on Mass time preparation…read the readings beforehand. Use a Mass Journal like this one.


8. Capture Family Memories

  • Scrapbook
  • Add Framed Photos throughout the house and change them up often!
  • take pictures in front of a blank wall…add text of age, height, favorites..
  • print out Instagram or Facebook pics in photo books or yearbooks


9. Celebrate Miracles…and Answered Prayer!

Hunt for Miracles

Talk about prayer and intercession…and answered prayer!

10. Celebrate the Saints!

Adopt family patron saints; celebrate their Feast Days and ask for their intercession.

What Family Traditions do you hold dear?

What new Family Traditions are you going to start?

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