Family Tree Printable

Here is a simple way to get started making a family tree.

It is a new-and-improved Family Fun Craft Kit, extracted from our Faith Journal Hand in Hand with Jesus.
There are two templates included with instructions.
“My Roots” offers an opportunity for more info about each family member,
while “The Family Tree” offers a bigger picture of where all the relatives fit!
Sorry that this printable is no longer available!
There is a one-page BW printable of the Family Tree within the Cathletics Craft Kit Sampler; just click the button on the last email you received from us…or if you haven’t yet subscribed, please subscribe here and receive the Cathletics Craft Kit Sampler!
sneak peek at family tree


Family Tree.jpg


  1. These are adorable. My kids are a bit too old for these, but they are perfect for my younger niece and nephew.

  2. I am trying to locate your ‘printable’ family tree, however, with so much items on the page, I an unable to figure you which is the printable item and which is not. for me the page is to ‘busy’…. Thank You , Mrs. Joanne Marcella Garcia… Have a Blessed Day… P.s. I am not a computer guru and I must really be tired…. So, my apologies ahead of time. 🙂

    • Sorry about that! You should find the “Add to Cart” near the end of the post above: a few lines above “Related Posts” and a few lines below the last picture (cover of the Printable Cover). Sorry the page is so busy…I just try to make a lot accessible. =)

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