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  1. Cathy Haynes says:

    Would love the free craft sampler!

    • Nancy Cuppy says:

      Hi, Cathy! thank you for the opportunity to make Advent more thought provoking…my kids are aging and moving more into that worldly life with chaos and I worry… Thanks bunches!

      The way the truth the life JESUS

    • Jo Lynn Nrink says:

      Yes! I need ideas for my Pre-Communion Catechism class. I teach 7 year olds. Mostly 1st graders.
      Jo Lynn Brink

    • Paul Tarfa says:

      Hi, I enjoyed your posts which are incisive and they enrich my faith I need to learn more. ,

  2. I’am terminally ill and would like my Grandchilden to have it please let me no the cost of done up or not done up it would mean a lot to me
    Love & Prayers
    Judy Jameson [email protected]

  3. The Cathletics Craft Kit Sampler is FREE! I will send the link to your email. Please download at your earliest convenience!

  4. Thank you for creating and sharing these resources. God Bless your ministry!!

  5. How can I receive the info for the Jenga game? Have the game.

  6. cyntavia seney says:

    I tried to subscribe but the link is broken

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