Equipping Catholic Families ….with New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again, our second chance to start the new year (the Liturgical Calendar began with Advent in 2019).These are the big four resolutions that I’m going to tackle (again) and I’ve included some resource, article and affiliate links that I’ve found helpful.

This is not an exhaustive list!

We’re starting with: Get Healthy, Pray More, Get Organized and Live Liturgically…with some subsections for each!

What are YOUR New Year’s Resolutions?

1. Get Healthy

The Smart Way to Make Healthy Resolutions You Can Keep by Keeper of the Home

Keeping Your Resolutions This Year by Very Well Mind



I’ve been away from running…but at least using the elliptical machine and light weights and exercises at home.

10 Beginner Workouts That You Can Do At Home For Free by Fitness Blender

This is an awesome site and community: Catholic Women Run 

How to Build Workout Routines By Sport Fitness Advisor

Eating Healthy

Fresh Start Checklist by Eating Well

I did have some success with The Light Weigh Catholic Faith Based Weight Loss Bible Study and may just start that up again. I like the fact that it combines a reasonable way to eat that is quite flexible and focused mainly on portion control and that the whole approach to food is reinforced with Church Teaching, prayer and the Saints as mentors! The program doesn’t even rely on regular exercise, so maybe it will work even better now that I’m a little more committed to being active.

I’ve been actually quite impressed with Noom. It really is changing the decisions I make about food, without feeling deprived and I am slowly losing some pesky weight!


2. Pray More

These are two new resources I’ve already jumped into and I’m eager to keep the habit for all of 2020 and beyond!

Jesus Speaking: Heart to Heart with the King is a Devotional with short excerpts from the Catholic Classic He and I by Gabrielle Bossis. I have loved the original book and I think that this is a great way to reflect on these simple and yet profound, personal messages from Jesus, backed up by Scripture and a prayer prompt.

This is the first year I’m using the Every Sacred Sunday Mass Journal, as they actually have a Canadian version with the Canadian Mass readings! I’ve been taking the book to Mass since the start of Advent and the readings indeed match up!  I have been writing a few notes during the readings and homily, and adding more notes as I listen to some of my favorite priest podcasts/homilies throughout the following week.

Here are some of our most popular prayer and Mass resources:

Prayer Journal Resources:

Mass and Sacraments Resources


Good (and Necessary) Spiritual Habits:

Bible Reading

Spiritual Reading



and these are my favorites of all time:

Sacraments: Add a Weekday Mass and Confession once a month

Online Programs, Podcasts and Videos

A much bigger directory is in the works: please submit your recommendations for favorite weekly/daily priest homilies posted online in the comments or contact me 

Priest Homilies Directory



Lay Programs, Podcasts and Videos

3. Get Organized

We’ve got Calendar and Planner Resources

Saint Stickies

Catholic Planners:


4. Live Liturgically

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Pick a Patron Saint:  Add a new Saint to your Dream Team, personally assigned to you for 2020!

The Mass Box: Subscription Box for crafts and activities for the Seasons and Saints Days of each month

Wall Calendar 2019-2020 for Everyday Catholics: packed with illustrated Saints Days and Monthly Devotions!

Adjustable Liturgical Calendar PDF Craft Kit: This can be used year after year and comes with lots of Saint Stickies to Catholicize your wall calendar or planner!


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