Rome Day Three: Pope Francis

Today…we learned that things change on a pilgrimage….and that can be pretty great too! Last night, I learned that a few members of our group had special tickets for the General Audience and they invited me to come with them!

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Rome Day Two: Feast of St Padre Pio

 Buon giorno!

I’m in Rome!

I can’t believe it! I’m here! We had a great trip through Philadelphia to Rome. We settled in at the Pallotine Sisters’ GuestHouse and gathered all together  for Mass celebrated by Fr Scott McCaig. We did a quick little orientation…walking the 7 minutes to St Peter’s…and grabbing lunch on the way! Mike and Sue pointed out some key places we’ll likely return to and both Mike and Fr Scott told us some great pope stories on location!

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Rome Day One: On our Way!

I’m off to ROME today! I’ve been a little busy going through Customs, traversing through airports and trying to meet up with the rest of my Pilgrimage group, but this is how I

Prep for a Pilgrimage

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7QT: A Playlist for a Pilgrimage

Only a couple more days before I jump on a plane to Rome! I know! I can’t believe it!

As hard as it is to believe I’m going to be walking around Rome NEXT WEEK…I’m also coming to grips with being away from my whole family for 12 days! I’ll be traveling with an extended-family-sized group of pilgrims, but I’m pretty sure that no one will be asking me to take them to the bathroom or cut their dinner into bite-sized pieces.

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7QT Back to School and Pre-Rome

Do I admit that I was thinking about altering my post about Packing for Rome…just to fit the 7 Quick Takes, so that I wouldn’t have to squeeze in a post before I go to bed? Well, I decided that there has been enough going on warranting a brand new 7 Quick Takes…but I’m hoping that I can write this pretty fast and catch some zzzzz’s. Here goes:

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Packing for ROME!

If you’ve visited Equipping Catholic Families before or read some of my Prep for Rome posts, you’ll know that I’m leaving for Rome in just 12 days!

I’m working on some pretty cool posts to be published while I’m away and hoping that I can squeeze in some live updates throughout our adventure!

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Would you like a Prayer Card, blessed by Pope Francis?

Would YOU like to receive a FREE Holy Card, blessed by Pope Francis?

This fall, I’m going on a Pilgrimage to ROME with these lovely people at St Gemma’s Catholic Pilgrimages.

Mike and Sue have been running pilgrimages to Rome for a while now and they have some Holy Cards, blessed by Pope Francis!

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How about Rome for the Feasts of St Padre Pio and St Therese?

As some of you already know…I have a real, live sponsor sending me to ROME this fall as the Official Catholic Blogger of St Gemma’s Catholic Pilgrimages.


I was already SO excited…but even more so since I received the official itinerary this week!

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Prep for a Pilgrimage

Anyone attending the Canonization of Blessed John Paul II and Blessed John XXIII

in less than TWO WEEKS?

I know it will be wonderful! I will have to be content with experiencing it vicariously through Mike and Sue Denz and St Gemma’s Catholic Pilgrimages and the news coverage on TV and online.  I will however be experiencing an awesome pilgrimage to Rome September 22-October 3, 2014 and I’m already SO excited!

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8 things / 10 months / Pilgrimage to ROME!

These are my 8 things to do

….10 months away from my Pilgrimage to ROME:

Sept 22-Oct 3, 2014!

1. Find a great Catholic Tour company…like St Gemma’s Catholic Pilgrimages  It’s Catholic!…and Mike and Sue are awesome hosts!

2. Consider and invite WHO you would like to travel with. I have recommended an awesome chaplain…and this week it was confirmed that Fr Scott McCaig will be the chaplain for our pilgrimage Sept 22, 2013- Oct 3, 2013Fr Scott McCaig is the General Superior of the Companions of the Cross…and he’s a close family friend whose vocation we confirmed through his stay with us a week after our first baby was born.

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