7QT: A Playlist for a Pilgrimage

Only a couple more days before I jump on a plane to Rome! I know! I can’t believe it!

As hard as it is to believe I’m going to be walking around Rome NEXT WEEK…I’m also coming to grips with being away from my whole family for 12 days! I’ll be traveling with an extended-family-sized group of pilgrims, but I’m pretty sure that no one will be asking me to take them to the bathroom or cut their dinner into bite-sized pieces.

Hmmm…let me think about that…

I will also be at airports and on planes, on buses and shuttles…and I’m thinking about what I will have with me to listen to, read and write…if there is ever down-time on this whirlwind tour!

I know I can easily get caught up in travel logistics; I know I’ll be blown away by every Church, every Sacred site and every Saint relic we happen upon in Rome; I know I take my role as Official Blogger quite seriously and I don’t want to neglect any duties…but I also hope this pilgrimage to be a prayerful journey drawing me closer to Jesus! Sacred spaces, Saints and Sacraments…for 12 days!

So…I have been stepping up the prayer and the spiritual reading, I’ve received spiritual direction and I’ve gone to confession. I’ve been listening to Catholic talks and I’ve been requesting recommendations for good Catholic/Christian music for my own little soundtrack (mainly for the plane: don’t worry!…I’m not going to be walking around Rome, with earbuds hangin’ in my ears)

I’m not sure how to describe what music appeals to me…but so far these recommendations have fit me just right!

Pilgrimage Playlist

So here are 7 Quick Takes for my Pilgrimage Playlist:

1. Homilies from some of my favorite priests:


Check out their NEW website: http://www.companionscross.org/

Companions of the Cross (especially Fr Roger and Fr Scott)

Fr Larry Richards

…and my favorite musicians I’ve discovered at Catholic conferences:

2. L’Angelus, Lee Roessler, Michael James Mette

…My Catholic buddy Joe recommended to me:

3.  Chris Bray

4. Luke Spehar

5. not sure where I found Lightfall

…and recommended by Lisa Hendey:

6. Popple, Matt Maher and

7.  …”Rosaries from Rosary Army, any and all podcasts from SQPN and

Fr. Roderick Vonhögen


Taize Prayer or quiet chant have also been recommended…that sounds like a good idea too!

What do YOU recommend for a Pilgrimage Playlist?


…for more Quick Takes…check out Conversion Diary!



  1. such great rec! Pinning so I can refer back!

    I can’t believe that your pilgrimage is almost upon us!! I hope you get to actually blog whle there. Can’t wait to read all about the trip and your reflections.

    Be safe and enjoy every min. It seems like you are SO prepared. They’re blessed to have you joining them!

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