7QT Back to School and Pre-Rome

Do I admit that I was thinking about altering my post about Packing for Rome…just to fit the 7 Quick Takes, so that I wouldn’t have to squeeze in a post before I go to bed? Well, I decided that there has been enough going on warranting a brand new 7 Quick Takes…but I’m hoping that I can write this pretty fast and catch some zzzzz’s. Here goes:


back to school 2014 Just in case you missed it, last week we sent all FIVE kids back to school. So far so good! We’re adjusting to having Emily living 5 hours away (we miss her!) and my days are very different…with Adam in Kindergarten all day.  He’s loving it…and there are a number of funny stories that I’m not allowed to tell. See the Archives of Back to School pics


Sept Oct Saints

I’m using my new quiet time at home to blog-like-crazy in time for my trip to ROME in a week and a half!  I’m trying to write and schedule my usual Feast Day Fun posts…so that you will almost-not-even-notice that I’m not-at-home.


Mirror Signs

I made a new Catholic Printable for teaching the Sign of the Cross with Mirror Signs and turned it into a bundle of single page printables.

Check out the Onesies Print Pack! It includes SIX separate one-pager Catholic Craft printables…and it’s FREE for subscribers and likers.


get inspired slider

In a RIDICULOUSLY short amount of time, we three Catholic Bloggers renovated, reworked and renewed the Catholic Bloggers Network with a NEW LOOK, a new Contributor format, a new Community Blog Call (we’ve got 86 Catholic Blogs so far…we had almost 700 Catholic Blogs linked up in the last one!) …and dozens of new features in the works and in the plans! Special thanks to Jennifer of Catholic Inspired and Chris of Campfires and Cleats !


In additional preparation for my Pilgrimage to Rome (leaving on September 22!), I’m re-reading My Other Self: Conversations with Christ on Living Your Faith  …with a highlighter and a journal. There is so much awesome on every page of this book. Yup: Amazon Affiliate link below.



In addition to packing for Rome and trying to arrange back-up for Bill while I’m away, I’ve had both spiritual direction and confession!

Priests really are awesome.



I also discovered a kindred Catholic Blogger who recently wrote about her trip to Rome! I feel so blessed to have corresponded with Amy after reading her blog AJCattapan . I’ve been asking her lots of questions and I look forward to the release of her new book!  Her advice is sticking with me:

Pack Jesus. By that I mean, if something goes right on the pilgrimage, thank Jesus. If something goes wrong, call on Jesus. Wherever you go, no matter what happens, just keep talking to Jesus. You packed Him. He’s there with you.

for more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!


  1. I feel very blessed to have discovered you and your blog, too! (Must be one of those “God things” 🙂 ) I’m praying for you and your fellow pilgrims. You’re going to have an awesome time. Buon viaggio!

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