Packing for ROME!

If you’ve visited Equipping Catholic Families before or read some of my Prep for Rome posts, you’ll know that I’m leaving for Rome in just 12 days!

I’m working on some pretty cool posts to be published while I’m away and hoping that I can squeeze in some live updates throughout our adventure!

I know there is the matter of packing the basics like weather-appropriate clothing, walking shoes, voltage adapter and an umbrella, but I’ve realized that I’m a bit of a packing geek…


This is what I have so far! What am I missing?

+camera, ipad, adapters…

  • 12 Day itinerary from
  • Rome Guide Books
  • Easy Italian Phrase Book
  • Ipad Camera Connection Kit (thanks Mom, it’s perfect!)
  • St Benedict Medal Crucifix
  • coil-bound sketchbook + sharpies
  • Camera Memory Cards (numbered with address photo shot on each)
  • pedometer (in case I can keep track of steps in Rome! wouldn’t that be cool?)
  • ipod (with my favorite homily podcasts for the plane)
  • comfy earphones*
*the package actually says ‘These headphones aren’t just the cat’s pajamas, they’re the honey badger’s pajamas.” I’m not sure what that means, but if it means that they fit really well, with 3 different sized cushion options, the sound is great and they don’t hurt my ears or fall out, then I’d have to agree.)
Amazon Affiliate Link: Wicked Audio WI1853 IN-EAR DEUCE EARbuds

pilgrimage kit

I also received this Pilgrim Kit from St Gemma’s Catholic Pilgrimages, reminding me to keep praying in preparation for the pilgrimage…and recommending the intercession of St Gemma with the chaplet included, along with a special prayer from their first pilgrimage chaplain.

As I have been preparing for this pilgrimage, I was so blessed to discover Amy and her blog  AJCattapan . She’s in the middle of writing her Memoirs about Rome and I was so happy to discover her series of posts about her latest trip.  She has been graciously answering every question I throw at her about travelling to Rome…and my favorite advice from Amy is this:

Pack Jesus. By that I mean, if something goes right on the pilgrimage, thank Jesus. If something goes wrong, call on Jesus. Wherever you go, no matter what happens, just keep talking to Jesus. You packed Him. He’s there with you.

That’s some good advice!


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