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Here is the proper launch for my NEWEST Craft Kit PDF!

I’m just trying to make it EASIER for all of us to pray unceasingly, from the heart.
My book talks about how we can customize our prompts to pray to fit our unique circumstances, daily routine, habits, and quirks, and now I’ve created a craft kit that can help you implement these habit-forming prayer prompts in your life!

Family of Birds; One Stone

No intention of hurting any birds, but if you place these prayer prompt cards around your house, your other family members might customize these same cards to their unique circumstances, daily routines, habits, and quirks.



Imagine each member of your family discovering a carefully placed prayer prompt card on the fridge, the bathroom mirror, or the inside of the front door at eye level. They might at least spark some conversation about prayer and could even become this year’s Lenten practice.

This is one of those practical prayer prompt ideas that can influence others, even visitors to your home, without you saying a word.

And if it does spark curiosity, and you’re asked about these little prayer prompt cards, you’ve got an opportunity to talk about prayer! You can remind them that prayer can be a simple conversation with God, inviting Him into every task, challenge or blessing of each day!


There is also a template of completely customizable prayer prompt cards to customize for those specific intentions, close to our hearts.



Every day, we face chores, tasks, challenges or pain that we’d rather not experience, but we can offer them up for a special intention, even for the person we are serving by completing the task.

We can use these prayer prompts to remind us to rely on Jesus when we’re struggling, to focus our prayer on the intentions of our hearts, to be thankful for everything that goes well in our lives, and to recognize our sins and express how sorry we are.

We can take a whole collection of cues, our daily to-do list, or even the inevitable distractions and turn them into prompts to pray.

These prayer prompt cards are physical reminders to pray more often throughout the rhythm of our lives, to recognize God’s Presence along with us at each moment and to pray unceasingly and let this developing prayer habit influence what we do and what we say, and what and how often we pray.

Willing to give Project: Prompt Me to Pray a try?

The Project: Prompt Me to Pray is a practical set of 24 (plus 6 formatted and customizable) Prayer Prompt Cards to be strategically placed around your home, work, car, and school to help us all pray without ceasing (Thessalonians 5:17) from the heart.

Many of the prayers are classic prayers Catholics have been saying for years. Short Dart Prayers help us to practice the Presence of God and enjoy continuous prayer and conversation with Jesus.


Project: Prompt Me to Pray PDF

$12 Download

30 strategically placed, customizable Prayer Prompt Cards to pray unceasingly from the heart!




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