The Pray More Workbook PDF

We just released the Pray More Workbook available in two different formats
+1-up single-sided printing for folded/stapled booklets
+2-up single-sided or double-sided printing for cerlox or spiral bound booklets

The Pray More Workbook is a handy compliment and helpful tool to develop more consistent prayer from the heart, developed from Monica’s book Prompt Me to Pray.
The Pray More Workbook PDF is formatted to print the 13-page booklet, two at a time, either single-sided printing or double-sided printing, depending on the capability of your printer and your preference for blank pages to continue your journaling. The booklets can be stapled or preferably coil-bound for a compelling workbook.


The workbook is packed with check-boxes and fill-in-the-blanks to customize your Plan to Pray More, pick and choose customized Prayer Habits and Prompts to Pray, as well as Prayer Prompting questions for your Prayer Journal.

The Pray More Workbook PDF is available as a PDF in the Arma Dei Shoppe,
as well as a Pray More Workbook 1-UP PDF (double-sided printed) folded booklet, stapled with a long-reach stapler:

The Pray More Workbook PDF*

(2-UP double-sided or single-printed cerlox-bound booklet format)
$12 PDF Download



*This PDF will be one of 35 Catholic Resources available within the Catholic Mom Bundle Lent 2023 on sale from Feb 6-10, 2023: next week!



The Pray More Workbook PDF (1-UP folded and stapled booklet format)
$12 PDF Download

Recommended for Prayer Retreats!



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