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Gospel Graces: Prompts to Pray through LENT

Actually, way back in 2008, I began a project of illustrating the Sunday Gospel Readings! I got through most of Cycle A and then got distracted with other Craft Kits, Quizzing Cards and Books. Through my Prompt Me to Pray through the Seasons booklets I released last year, I became reacquainted with these illustrations and decided to pull together:

  • Scripture (from the particular Gospel Readings of all three cycles of Lent)
  • Prompts to Pray (a continuing theme to get us all praying more often and from the heart) and
  • some key Graces and Virtues I think Jesus is teaching us through His Words and Actions within each Gospel reading

The Lectionary is a complicated compilation of assigned Gospel readings for the entire Liturgical Calendar. Sunday Mass Gospel readings are curated into the three Cycles of A, B and C. Weekday Mass Gospel Readings are curated into a two-cycle system (1 and 2). I did notice that most of the weekday Gospel readings are the same for the season of Lent…and that realization made this little project a little more possible for me to take on!

I have compiled the Gospel illustrations into a special calendar for each cycle A, B and C, so these calendars can be used over and over, year after year during Lent!
The collection of 56 Prompt to Pray cards include all variances between the cycles so that there is one prayer card associated with each and every day (plus a few extra).
The Lenten Calendar can be proudly displayed on the fridge, with an illustrated reminder of the Gospel reading (and there is a calendar for all three cycles A, B and C. Laminate them for use year after year!

The Prompt to Pray cards point you to the full Scriptural reference, offering an important quote, a prayer prompt and a Gospel Grace or virtue to practice for that day!

Extra Bonus: The 1.5″ square illustrations of the Lenten Calendar can be printed in color, cut and adhered to the pages of your favorite Journaling Bible, illustrating your favorite Gospel passages in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John!


This 22 page Craft Kit includes 56 Prompt to Pray cards, one for each day of Lent (including Cycles, A, B and C).
Each prayer card features an original illustration and Scriptural quote from the particular Gospel for each day of Lent, along with a prompt to pray and a specific Gospel Grace or Virtue we can learn from the teaching and life of Jesus.

This Catholic Craft Kit also includes a double-sided, letter-sized, fully illustrated, LENT calendar with the same illustrations for each Gospel reading within Lent for Cycles A, B and C. Each 2-page calendar is presented in both color and black-and-white templates.

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Gospel Graces: Prompts to Pray through LENT

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