Equipping Catholic Families for January Saints 2022!

Equipping Catholic Families for January 2021 Saints!

Welcome to our monthly summary of crafts and family traditions related to the Monthly Devotion, Key Feast Days and the appropriate Season of the Liturgical Calendar.


  • Prompt Me to Pray through the 12 Days of Christmas PDF is PACKED with prayers and prayer prompts to tap into all the wonderful gifts God has given us within our Faith! It has simple summaries and excellent prompts to pray: to pray with gratitude, to foster the virtues and gifts already infused into us at Baptism, and to help us appreciate all God’s Grace and Tools He freely offers to us, as we pursue holiness.


Mary Mother of God

Key Feast Days in January:

He’s still a little BABY! Sock Baby Jesus can still hang around in his crib as we bask in the Baptism of the Lord (January 10) and await the Presentation of the Lord on February 2nd.

Sock Baby Jesus

Monthly Devotion for January: Holy Name of Jesus

Season of the Liturgical Calendar: Christmas!



Illustrated Liturgically-Correct Saints Calendar

The 25 page Wall Calendar Kit includes a 16 month calendar (illustrated with the Kelly Saints on key Feast Days!) as well as Lists and Logs Templates which include:

  • Special Date Log for Sacraments, firsts, birthdays, anniversaries and milestones
    (keep year after year + add to it)
  • Saints Dates Log for key Saints, by month
    (keep year after year)
  • 160 stickies of special Feast Days, Liturgical Season dates, Sacraments and Memorials
  • 36 tags to record Monthly Devotions, Monthly Intentions and Scripture to memorize
  • 18 list tags to record Confession dates, prayer intentions, 1st Sacrament dates, Memorials, Patron Saints and Novena notices

2021 Vertical Illustrated Calendar with Stickies, Tags and Lists: $15 PDF Download

Check out our OTHER Saints Calendar formats:

Wide Format, Stapled and Ripped Saints Calendar 2021-2022
Blog and Shop Saints Planner 2021-2022

New Year Resolutions and Ordinary Time!

Just a reminder, the readings for Sunday Masses come from Year C and Cycle 2 for the Weekday Masses.


New Year’s Resolutions: the Big FOUR!

These are the big four resolutions that I’m going to tackle (again) and I’ve included some resource, article and affiliate links that I’ve found helpful.

Equipping Catholic Families for Sacrament Season

Live Liturgically

Saint StickiesGet organized with 2020 Planners and Calendars! Convert your family calendar to be Catholic with the Calendar Saint Stickies Craft Kit ($15 PDF download with permission to copy for home use!)







Pick up the ready-to-print Wall Calendar for 2022 with illustrated Feast Days and Monthly Devotions and lots of templates to keep track of your blog, website or shop stats and records.

Vertical, Fastened and Flipped Saints Calendar 2022

2022 Website Planner

($15 PDF download with permission
to copy for home use!)


Pray More!

NEW! Prompt Me to Pray by Monica McConkey presents practical tips for prayer that can be easily customized to fit our busy lives, habits, daily tasks, and even our struggles. Recognizing our littleness as an inexhaustible source of Prompts to Pray helps us to reach out humbly in prayer when we need Him most and reminds us that God can use all things for good.

We’re also adding Prompt Me to Pray through the Seasons Booklets (also available as PDFs).
Watch for many new titles arriving throughout 2021!


NEW Journal Stamps and Saints Stamps and Prayer & Rosary Stamps…in the
Prayer Impressions Journal Stamp Shoppe

Journal Stamps Shoppe

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