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Homemade Nativities

Over the years, we have made a number of Nativity figures.

…out of egg Cartons, felt, clothes pegs and toilet paper rolls.

 I made this hand sewn Nativity for my husband…before we had kids. I made the stable and the star, but not the tree. Last year I made the Painted Wooden Saints version for our school’s Ornament Share.   I outlined some of my recycled materials Nativity figures in my book A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families  …and a couple years ago, my Aunt surprised me with the awesome knitted version: Auntie Ingrid’s Knitted Nativity (this link includes knitting pattern links!) Here are a couple other awesome DIY Nativities I have found online… Shower of Roses Paper Nativity  Tuscany Creative Etsy Shop: Felt Nativity and Finger Puppets Felt Nativity from pattern and instructions by pdf

Edible Nativity from AOK Corral

Magnetic Nativity from

Modelled Nativity from Melanies Crafts

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Homemade Nativities: Links of Light Bulbs (7) + linky!

Homemade Nativities

My clothes peg people are missing now…I’ll post a new (close-up) photo when I find them. They are made with traditional wooden clothes pegs, a painted face (with facial features added with sharpie) and material.  The arms are pipe cleaners.  These are sample crafts from A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families. What’s the theme here?  Where’s Baby Jesus?  These are all Nativity figures I have made over the years with toilet paper rolls, egg cartons and wooden pegs…but Baby Jesus is missing in each one!  I need to start re-making Him… I remember the egg carton Baby Jesus, was just a small piece of the egg carton for a cradle, with construction paper “straw” sticking out behind a fabric bundle of baby.  I’ll  post pictures when I either find my original or make a new one. I find that Baby Jesus either gets misplaced by one of my kids parading him around the house during Advent (before Baby Jesus is supposed to be in the manger), or in transit from one of the Catholic conferences we attend. We have actually had the odd sample craft made from A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families stolen from our booth display! These Holy Family Felt Friends are made with felt over a pipe-cleaner body, felt clothes, embroidery floss hair and facial features.  I know, I need to make a Baby Jesus version here as well. I added a quick Baby Jesus for this post. I made this Nativity before we were married and it’s our special one-of-a-kind family Nativity.  I think I found a pattern for the little bodies and then I improvised for the clothing. (Can you tell ? =)  I engineered the manger myself with the little skylight for the star to poke through. The brown manger material already had verticle lines in it, so I quilted it to make it a little more durable.  The manger also has a couple wooden dowels in it, but it’s not too “stable”.  I usually use a little pillow to prop it up.  I didn’t make the tree, but it looks cute with the set.  I like the lighting on the close-up picture…I think it looks like they’re sitting by the fire. Linked up to the Nativity Activity Linky! read more...for Equipping Catholic Families!

Equipping Catholic Families…for January 2018


Equipping Catholic Families for January Saints!

Welcome to our monthly summary of crafts and family traditions related to the Monthly Devotion, Key Feast Days and the appropriate Season of the Liturgical Calendar.

Key Feast Days in January:

Season of the Liturgical Calendar: Christmas!

New Year Resolutions and

Season of the Liturgical Calendar: Ordinary Time!

Get organized with 2018 Planners and Calendars! Convert your family calendar to be Catholic with the Calendar Saint Stickies Craft Kit ($15 PDF download with permission to copy for home use!)

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Keeping Advent, Advent

Advent is coming! Do you have resolutions for Keeping Advent, Advent this year?

Over the years, we have tried a number of Advent activities and devotions and I’ve compiled a Photo Gallery of them!

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Feast Day Fun: Holy Family!

This is one of my favorite Feast Days of the whole Liturgical Calendar!

The Feast of the Holy Family!

I’ve made a number of Holy Family/ Nativity sets over the years. This was a gift for Bill, the Christmas before we were married. The figures were loosely based on patterns I found in a magazine…and the clothing and the stable were architected improvised with limited sewing skills.

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Advent Activity Gallery

Advent starts on Sunday! Are you ready?

I’ve been working on organizing a directory of Advent activities and crafts! This is what I have so far…but I will be adding to it!

[print_gllr id=8138]

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7 Quicker Takes Friday

I managed to miss Small Success Thursday and I’m skipping to 7 Quicker Takes, and posting late.

— 1 —

I finally finished my 3 Kings last weekend…but haven’t had the time to launch them on their journey around the house. I think I may need to go old school and begin on Christmas Day, no longer trying to convert the Elf on the Shelf into Elves on the Shelves…or at least resort to differently timing.

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3 Kings off to a late (or early?) start

 If you have been watching my blog, you may have noticed that I don’t tend to do things the easy way.  If there is something I can makefor our own family set, I do.  I spend a lot of time making Catholic Printables, but sometimes I just need to make stuff, with felt, scissors and glue. I’m not an expert sewer (wow, did I just call myself an artificial, usually underground conduit for carrying off sewage or rainwater ?) but I have decided that the little flaws in my sewing projects are what make them so unique.

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Small Success IN 7 Quick Takes

I have decided to combine Small Success Thursdays with 7 Quick Takes Friday. I really like BOTH communities of bloggers and enjoy taking part in both link-ups, but want to spare my subscribers from back-to-back, somewhat repetitive posts.

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