Review: Be Yourself: A Journal for Catholic Boys by Amy Brooks

Well, THIS Be Yourself: A Journal for Catholic Boys could NOT have arrived at a better time!

Adam is fully immersed in school online and even sneaking on Minecraft with his buddies at recess! While he still enjoys Lego and he’s becoming a great reader, we are looking for other activities to lure him away from screen time and what better way than to get him journaling within his Catholic Faith!

This 8″x10″, 96 pageĀ  Catholic Journal is packed with thoughtful activities and prayer journal prompts. There are activity pages getting him to describe himself, what he cares about and what he’s good at. The book introduces questions about his Faith that he can explore and introduces male saints he may not have encountered yet. The journal prompts him to record his prayers and the things that he is grateful for. The book challenges him to try new activities and pray while he’s at it. He can write a letter to Jesus, design his shield of Faith, a bumper sticker or a Church! The book has plenty of thoughtful activities to get him praying, recognizing virtue and forming a plan to be the person God is calling him to be. It’s also sprinkled with lighter activities like mad libs story building, ‘would you rather’ this or that, and ‘all about me’ fill in the blanks. There are prayers and scriptural quotes and saints quotes throughout and even a quote from one of his favorite actors, Chris Pratt!

The text, illustrations, and format are engaging and we look forward to filling out the pages of the book over time during necessary breaks from screen time!

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