A Better Advent

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a challenging year!  As Advent starts tomorrow, we might be tempted to bring out all the stops to make this NEW liturgical year SO much better than the last one. I like to offer all the Advent options: the Advent Calendar, the Advent Wreath, the Jesse Tree.
On the other other hand, we might want to skip Advent altogether and jump into celebrating Christmas,

but there’s just one thing we need no matter what:

more personal prayer from the heart!

For just a couple more days, I’m offering our new Prompt Me to Pray through Advent Booklet for just $3 with the purchase of Prompt Me to Pray (also an excellent resource for more prayer, all year round!)

Here’s the direct link to the deal in Canada and the US

and here’s the Prompt Me to Pray through Advent PDF if you want it for the first minute of Advent!

Here’s what Kathy had to say as soon as she printed off her copy:

I just purchased and printed “Prompt Me to Pray THROUGH ADVENT” — what a beautiful resource of doable, memorable prompts and prayers!  I’ve been searching for a quick yet meaningful daily Advent wreath “method,” and this will be perfect.  Also, I really appreciate all of the prayers to help survive the super-early and seemingly endless barrage of secular Christmas “presence!”  Thanks so much, and God bless you for your wonderful work!

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