Teaching the Times Tables

A few years ago, I discovered this book  (see info below) and it helped a couple of my kids really grasp the times tables.

We even added our own 12th Elf Times Tables and made flash cards out of them. You can find out all about the book and our printable here: Learning Math the Fun Way

Recently, I discovered that even though these little images and their number associations really helped a couple of my other kids, they just didn’t appeal to my 8 year old Adam.


paper mache shark with rice-filled-balloon fishies

Adam is more of a ‘build it’ kind of guy and his favorite things right now are sharks, Minecraft, riding his bike and LEGO®

After a recent influx of LEGO®  for his birthday and admiring his focus and dedication to building the sets to LEGO® specs, I decided that maybe I could make Times Tables Flash Cards using the all-too-familiar bricks to illustrate multiplication and division facts.

Bricks Times Tables Flashcards

LEGO math

Rummaging through our 5-kids-worth of LEGO®  blocks, I figured out colorful ways to depict multiples: using the  blocks (and bumps) we’ve come to know and love!

LEGO times tables

I even found a cool way to use the blocks for odd number facts…using ‘reverse bumps’ because odd-numbered-bump blocks seem kinda rare.

learning with LEGO

I ended up with templates for 108 Times Tables Flash Cards, all described through LEGO®  and the facts go all the way up to 12×12!

We’re calling it BRICKS Times Tables Flash Cards because trademarks …and the Jenga®  fiasco we encountered when we made the Tower Tumble printable.

Right now you can get the 14-page, full color Printable for just $6.



BRICKS Times Tables Flash Cards

$6 Download





If your kids are captivated by stories about number characters and picture associations, you might be more into these books about Math the Fun Way:

Times Tables the Fun Way

Addition the Fun Way


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