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Learning Math the FUN WAY {FREE 12th Elf Times Tables Printable}

Times Tables the Fun Way!
By Judy Liautaud and Dave Rodriguez
When one of my kids was having trouble learning the Times Tables, I discovered this book: Times Tables the Fun Way!  I later purchased the Addition edition (Addition the FUN WAY!), because I was so impressed!
Check out the direct link at the end of this post, to purchase your own copy.

The stories of the number characters are pretty memorable and the brief summary was all it took to help my kids remember the key facts.  I made my own flashcards from this book, and we even added a few new versions with our own stories and cartoons.
These stories and characters have worked for us, using rhyming words that sound a little bit like the numbers.  For a child who remembers better through visuals and silly stories, this could make the Times Tables a whole lot easier to learn!

Now, I’m not going to share the actual contents of the book, because it’s not mine to share, but I can share the Flash Cards that we have designed.

Here’s how it works.  We liked how “twelve” sounds a lot like “elf”, so we created our 12th Elf in a few different scenarios to remember the 12 Times Tables.
You will find some of the characters…a bit of a stretch, but some of them were built on characters we met through the book Times Tables the FUN WAY.
Check out the direct link at the end of this post, to purchase your own copy.

You may also need to use your imagination to elaborate on the story a little bit, but somehow these quick visuals seem to be enough for my kids so far. (…especially when they were the ones to come up with the stories…and some of the leading characters including the 12th Elf!)

This is my first of what I hope to be a series of Times Tables Printables,
with our own graphics and stories.

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Here are links to the original books.  We would be delighted if you purchased from these links, as we could earn a tiny little commission to help support our blog.

Times Tables the Fun Way

Addition the Fun Way



  1. this looks like an awesome way to learn times tables!! i will be teaching my son these soon!! –visiting from the homeschool post link up. 🙂

  2. What a cute way to learn your math facts. We used music to learn ours with cds like Multiplication Unplugged. Thanks for sharing this learning tool with everyone over at NOBH!

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