Be Yourself! A Journal for Catholic Girls: {Book Review}

I was intrigued about this book Be Yourself: A Journal for Catholic Girls* and thought that it would be just the right thing for 11 year old Bridget. I was right!

Journals and All about Me type books have been pretty popular with my daughters…especially during the tween years! While my older girls still journal, this one is perfect to launch Bridget into thoughtful journaling…and prayer journaling. I just love that this is a Catholic Journal featuring female saints among the prompts and activities.

This Be Yourself! Journal for Catholic Girls is beautifully designed with thoughtful prompts, quotes from the Bible and the Catechism and inviting illustrations to color. I love the Saint Spotlights including the letters from these carefully-chosen, awe-inspiring yet humble female saints. The prayerful and faith-filled writing prompts, virtuous challenges, drawing activities and cute coloring pages are perfect for young girls …with just the right balance of fun and Faith!

See Bridget’s Review…below!

You can purchase Be Yourself: A Journal for Catholic Girls at Prayer Wine Chocolate

Here’s Bridget’s Review of Be Yourself: A Journal for Catholic Girls

This Book…

  1. Helps Catholic girls to be themselves more
  2. Helps girls understand the Catholic Faith
  3. Helps girls to reflect upon their Faith and make it stronger
  4. Teaches girls more about some of the female saints
  5. Inspires girls to be kinder.

I liked this journal a lot and I think my friends will too. It helps Catholic girls to be themselves. It also helps to understand, reflect on and strengthen your Faith just by reading and writing, but I believe it mostly inspires you to be kinder to those around you, no matter what. The journal includes passages from the Bible, reflections, short biographies of the saints and more…so it’s perfect for reading and writing…whenever you want!

*while I did purchase this journal for my daughter, Amy at Prayer Wine Chocolate generously covered the shipping to Canada in exchange for my honest review.

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