Home Stretch of Lent: Holy Week!

Here are a couple reminders of some of our activities for Holy Week

Palm Sunday…and every day of Holy WeekEgg Carton Passion Play

An Egg Carton backdrop for Jesus’ Public Ministry and Passion Play with Wooden Painted Saints.

Egg Carton Passion Play Crafts

This craft offers the perfect little playset through Jesus’ Ministry, the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary and the Stations of the Cross.  It also makes an irresistible centerpiece throughout Holy Week.

painted saints passion play



Holy Thursday: Seder Supper

Simplified Seder Supper: food to buy (and the symbolic significance of the menu) Scriptural references for reflections with key prompts and explanations of the Seder Supper tied in with the Last Supper.





Good Friday: Stations of the Cross Carousel

A compact, hands-on display of kid-friendly Stations of the Cross for reference and reflection.

Holy Saturday: Prep for the 50 Days of Easter Eggs!

An idea to prolong the celebration for the full 50 days of Easter, keeping the focus on Jesus, our Faith and the Saints.

String of Kinder eggs

Easter Sunday: Fun and Faith-filled Easter Gifts!

Newly released Craft Kit Printables for unique, Saint-centered gifts for the family or classroom.

Saint Scripts Cards

We have just released a number of Kelly Saints Craft Kits and all of these kits offer templates for unique Saint gifts!

Any excuse to foster love and devotion for the Saints!

St_Lucy_Saint_ScriptsSaint Scripts ONE and TWO offer full color postcards with saint stats and Kelly Saints illustrations (along with black and white Saint research project templates).

JP2 Saint Scripts

I had a full set of the postcards printed, cut and laminated, hole-punched and linked with a little metal ring.  These were very popular gifts at Christmas time…and will be wonderful for the Easter and First Sacrament Seasons!


…And we JUST released our new Kelly Saints Stamps Craft Kit with   templates to convert classic games and activities to be Catholic: Connect 4, Checkers, Bingo, Tabletop Shuffleboard, Glass Pebbles, Sorry! and Monopoly game pieces, and Guess Who?…along with fridge magnets, glass pebbles, bottlecap crafts and calendar stickers!

Kelly Saints Stamps Craft Kit
Kelly Saints Stamps: Converted 2 Catholic Classics: our new Cathletics Craft Kit with 42 Saints in 6 different formats…and more than 15 ways to use them!

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