Reconciliation Refresher Craft Kit (Ages 7-99)

Has it been 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years or 20 years since your last confession?

We’ve got a NEW Craft Kit for that!

Whether it’s been a while and you’re wondering if you remember what to say in the confessional…or if you just went to reconciliation last week but suspect you need to go again, for the exact same sins, we’ve got a new Catholic printable to help you return to this most precious Sacrament!

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First Reconciliation Season: 4 Sacrament Craft Kits!

We’re entering Sacrament Preparation time again …with our 5th kid Adam. He’s learning a lot of new things these days!

We’re revisiting our FOUR most recent Sacrament Craft Kits…and I think they’re all going to be helpful this year as we prepare Adam for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion!

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Back to School 2017

Back to School! (Check out our Back to School Craft Kit Sale…ends Sept. 10th at 11:59pm)

We finally have Emily home from England and although she’s in 4th year at the University of Ottawa, she just started her 2nd CoOp Placement in downtown Toronto.

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First Reconciliation Prep: Peek Sheets Printable!

When you really stop to think about it…our Sacrament of Reconciliation is incredible!! Where else can we hand over our burdens and struggles and receive complete ABSOLUTION; the very MERCY of JESUS poured over our bruised and battered little souls.   We celebrate Baptism with a beautiful flowy baby dress, a beautiful anointing and prayers at the Church …and by Holy Communion, those little babies are all dressed up in their suits and white dresses and veils, with no shortage of photo ops, gifts and cake. Both of these Sacraments are MONUMENTAL, but sometimes a quiet little evening of First Reconciliation, where kids line up for their one-to-one talk with the priest… gets a little overlooked.

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