Equipping Catholic Families to celebrate the Canonization of Pope John Paul II

Awesome day to be Catholic! We’re basking in Divine Mercy Sunday, waking up this morning to the canonization of 2 Popes by 2 Popes! We know a little bit about St John XXIII, but we’re a little biased and unapologetic for our love for St John Paul II!

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Prep for a Pilgrimage

Anyone attending the Canonization of Blessed John Paul II and Blessed John XXIII

in less than TWO WEEKS?

I know it will be wonderful! I will have to be content with experiencing it vicariously through Mike and Sue Denz and St Gemma’s Catholic Pilgrimages and the news coverage on TV and online.  I will however be experiencing an awesome pilgrimage to Rome September 22-October 3, 2014 and I’m already SO excited!

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2 Pope Books…as we await the Big Day!

I was so happy to receive these two little books for review from Franciscan Media. True to their titles, they are great, short biographies of Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII.

With under 50 pages, each 6″x5″ book offers a nice review of each Pope’s life, showing how the events of their lives shaped their values and priorities and how their leadership and teachings as Pope have shaped our Catholic Church and Faith.

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Review: Good Pope, Bad Pope

Good pope, Bad Pope their lives, Our Lessons by Mike Aquilina

This is a neat little book showing the wisdom of the Church and the ultimate guidance of Christ, showing how He ‘kept his promise to his bride, the Church- not only in her health but also in her  sickness.  The great popes advanced our understanding of Christian doctrine. But even  more remarkable, the worst popes could do nothing to damage the teaching of the Church. That’s why, even inits darkest moments, the story of the papacy is the story of triumph.”

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Rome-ward Bound!

I have been holding back, with only a few status updates on Facebook about my exciting news…and a harmless blog button linked to an awesome opportunity.

Friends of ours, Mike and Sue have been leading pilgrimages to Rome andthey are sponsoring me as their official Catholic Blogger to join them for this chance-of-a-lifetime!

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Who Knew Guess Who? would be so popular?!

Check out our NEW Guess WHO? The POPES!  printable
…can’t wait to see what the other Catholic bloggers and Catholic Moms do with this one!

Guess Who? Three Ways!

Print 2 sets of the template to use with the Guess Who? game in the back of your games’ closet!

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Guess Who! 24 POPES Free Template!

Our Guess Who?! The Saints! and
Guess Who?! The 116 Cardinals! were SO popular…we’ve added another FREE template!

Get your FREE Guess Who?! 24 POPES! template to use with your family Guess Who?! game…or print 2 copies of the template for your own Concentration or Memory game, collecting matching pairs and getting to know these 24 cool POPES!

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how we stood up the Pope

See =&0=&=&1=&=&2=&=&3=&

February 2003 was not my favorite month. It began with chicken pox making its way through 3 kids, then The Norwalk virus, a 24 hour flu that I blame for my first miscarriage.  It’s true that the year 2003 was off to a rough start, but my husband Bill,  took it upon himself to make a dream happen.

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Pope Posts continued: The First Communion Dress

So, you heard about =&0=& from our friend Elizabeth, and how Elizabeth knitted outfits for my kids as her =&1=& Well, Elizabeth kept on knitting! She even crocheted a =&2=& dress for Emily.  Needless to say, all three of our girls will have worn this dress for their =&3=& and we will keep it …for their own girls someday. Elizabeth didn’t stop when she completed the dress for Emily. You see, Kelly came with me often to visit Elizabeth and Elizabeth had a special love for Kelly. She didn’t want Kelly to feel left out on Emily’s big =&4=&day, so she crocheted a smaller version of the dress for Kelly to wear…but insisted that my Mom make a PINK slip and sash for Kelly’s dress, to make it different from the =&5=& In those days Kelly loved the color pink…and so Elizabeth made all her sweaters and hats and blankets pink…and affectionately called her “Pinkie”. Here is Bridget with her two brothers. We love these dresses…and we were so pleased to have Bridget wear “Pinkie’s dress” at Adam’s Baptism…and she will no doubt wear the =&4=&dress next year! Hey, do you have a =&7=&this year?  Did you check out the=&8=& as part of the post about =&9=&

Have your kids already made their First Holy Communion?
Interested in Scrapbooking the Sacraments?

Looking for other ideas to help teach or celebrate Sacraments?

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How My Kids Became Part of Penance from the Pope

When Elizabeth told us about her meeting with Pope John Paul II, (her husband’s first cousin) and what he told her when she gave him my book A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families, she also told us a few other stories. She spoke about the mischief the two boys would get into, when Karol would spend weeks in the summer with his cousin’s family after his own mother had passed away. Elizabeth told us how Fr Wojtyla had married them in secret, in a cold Church…running down the aisle to chase after the rings when they were accidentally dropped on the floor.

[See My Direct Order from the Pope for the beginning of this story!]

When Elizabeth was brought to Strawberry Island to meet with the Holy Father during his visit to Canada for World Youth Day, the two were meeting as old friends.  They both knew that it would probably be their last visit: both of them were in their 80’s and the likelihood of another visit seemed pretty remote.

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