Review: Good Pope, Bad Pope

Good pope, Bad Pope their lives, Our Lessons by Mike Aquilina

Good Pope

This is a neat little book showing the wisdom of the Church and the ultimate guidance of Christ, showing how He ‘kept his promise to his bride, the Church- not only in her health but also in her  sickness.  The great popes advanced our understanding of Christian doctrine. But even  more remarkable, the worst popes could do nothing to damage the teaching of the Church. That’s why, even inits darkest moments, the story of the papacy is the story of triumph.”

“Even Christ’s hand-picked leader can do the wrong thing…by the prompting of conscience or the intervention of the Holy Spirit, the church continued on the right path.”

I gave this book to my Dad because I know he will enjoy this book! Good Pope, Bad Pope documents past Popes and explains how the Church prevails over our human flaws with the help of the Holy Spirit and motivated by Jesus’ Love for his Church.

Good Pope Bad Pope back

I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

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