Feast Day Fun: St Brother Andre

January 6th is the Feast Day of St Brother André.

Chronic stomach pain had made it difficult for St André to hold a job. At 25, he could not read or write.  He was deeply devoted to God and to St Joseph and insisted on building a shrine.  He quietly greeted visitors as a lay brother of the Congregation of the Holy Cross and people began to seek prayer from him. St André gave the credit for all of the resulting physical healings to the intercession of St Joseph.  In 1924, construction began for St Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal, QC, alongside the chapel built on St André’s insistence.

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30 Ways to play with the Saints!

Last year, 15 year old Kelly sketched 42 Saints for me for our Saint Scripts Craft Kits.

You can make your flipbook of Saint postcards with the Saint Scripts Craft Kits!

In the spring, I formatted the collection of Saints into little templates for the Kelly Saints Stamps Craft Kit.

Here’s a quick index of the ways to use this one craft kit, Kelly Saints Stamps:

Convert classic games to be Catholic, using the templates to make Saint game pieces!

Connect 4 Game

Guess Who

Pressman Toy Checkers Board Games

The Kelly Saints Stamps templates are formatted in different layouts, different sizes and 2 different backgrounds. They can but cut into individual square stamps or into perfect circles with various sized circle punches…like this one: Martha Stewart Crafts Punch, 1-Inch Circle

Once cut, the Kelly Saints Stamps can be used in so many ways!

that's right...there are some Amazon Affiliate links in this post, in case you don't already have these classic family games. It's true that with your purchase through these links, I could puff up my $6.84 affiliate balance over at Amazon to 10 whole dollars and qualify for a gift card...holding my breath. =)

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Happy Feast Day Bl John Paul II!

I’m happy to reveal our official “in-house” artist Kelly and our specially commissioned Kelly Comics‘ drawing of Bl John Paul II as a sneak peek of some exciting projects in the works!

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Whiteboard Animation: Don’t YOU want to give it a try?

 This was Kelly’s Animation project last year in grade 8.  I just noticed that the post wasn’t transferred when I moved to WordPress…so here it is again! If you’d like to encourage an aspiring artist…please like Kelly’s Facebook Page: Kelly Comics!  Click on the picture for the direct =&0=& youtube link! The music is pretty catchy…sorry, it might just stick with you for days. =) Do It Yourself Animation  All you need is a whiteboard, dry erase markers and an eraser or shammy …oh yeah, and an AWESOME artist like my 13 year old KELLY!! Is it just me, or is this awesome?!? This was so fun to do…I think I have a couple other kids who want to give it a try! We set up a tripod and camera pointed at our new Walmart whiteboard (about $13). Kelly just started drawing and I kept clicking the camera.  We loaded the close-to-500 pictures (@ the smallest resolution on my camera) into Windows Movie Maker and made each frame only 0.2 seconds long.  We added a quirky soundtrack and here it is! Can you share this video?  Wouldn’t it be cool if it went viral?

In 2011, Kelly produced her first animated feature: Adam-ation.  It’s all about what her little baby brother Adam does when we’re not looking!  This is our blogpost about Adam-ation and here’s Adam-ation on YouTube.

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Kelly Comics to Kelly’s Pastels

We just posted this on The Catholic Illustrator’s Guild
13 year old Kelly has switched to pastels. 
She is now using pastels for sketches, school projects, caricatures…you name it.
You should see her bedroom wall. =)

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start your Happy New Year with a special family calendar for EVERY year!

Time for a FAMILY PROJECT this week? a calendar for 2012…and every year after!All you need is a printer for a treasured family calendar of all your special dates and Feastdaysand it can be used year after yearand copied for all of the Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins in your family!

The Build-Your-Own
Catholic Family Perpetual Calendar!
with Kelly Comics illustrations.

Each month has a complete path of dates to record your family birth dates, Sacrament dates. anniversaries and dates of when loved ones passed away.
The sticky notes and notepaper background already have key feast dates and monthly devotions recorded, with ample space to add your own favorite feast days and “family firsts”.

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Kelly’s Comics "Up and Adam" in Faith & Family Magazine

I finally received my copy of the summer issue of Faith & Family Magazine.  This is Kelly’s first installment of Up and Adam, a comic about the adventures of her baby brother Adam. I hope you “like” Kelly Comics Facebook Page as you check out Kelly’s work or see Our Family in Cartoon! read more...for Equipping Catholic Families!

Our Family in Cartoon

Our 12 year old daughter likes to draw in cartoon.  We think she’s great!  She has even illustrated our newest book
Hand in hand with Jesus.
This is our family in cartoon.

Shortly after Adam was born (2010), Kelly began drawing what she imagined Adam to do when we’re not looking.  I just love the expressions and poses and the fabulous things that he’s doing!

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