Happy Feast Day Bl John Paul II!

I’m happy to reveal our official “in-house” artist Kelly and our specially commissioned Kelly Comics‘ drawing of Bl John Paul II as a sneak peek of some exciting projects in the works!

Bl John Paul II

Happy Feast Day of Bl John Paul II!

We love you!

You may have read about our connection with Bl John Paul II through  My Direct Order from the Pope,  How My Kids Became Part of Penance from the Pope,  The First Communion Dress and How We Stood Up the Pope.

You can learn more about Kelly Comics as a fan on her Kelly Comics fanpage or see Our Family in Cartoon tracing through Kelly’s drawings of our family since she was 11, including the remarkable Up and Adam  series of comics of her little baby brother Adam, published in Faith & Family Magazine!


She also illustrated our special Faith Journal Hand in Hand with Jesus and the corresponding Journey with Jesus craft kits!




  1. Marcel Walther says:

    Today’s not actually his feast day in Canada. Only in the US and other territories.

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