Our Family in Cartoon

Our 12 year old daughter likes to draw in cartoon.  We think she’s great!  She has even illustrated our newest book
Hand in hand with Jesus.
This is our family in cartoon.

Shortly after Adam was born (2010), Kelly began drawing what she imagined Adam to do when we’re not looking.  I just love the expressions and poses and the fabulous things that he’s doing!

and it continues…


and again….

…and a little visit with Grandma.

She even documented our trip to New York City (ok, with a little elaboration…)

We have sent some of her work to a select group of newspapers as well as celebrities who she has drawn with Adam in her cartoons….not sure if we’ll hear back!

We hope to receive correspondence and to include it in an independent study project that Kelly is working on.
Please comment with any cartoon requests or recommendations for who might appreciate seeing her work.
If you would like to support Kelly…please “like’
Kelly’s Facebook Fan page and add some comments here or on her facebook page!  Thanks!


  1. Whooooo, I can’t believe she is only 12! Its soooo cool to see other teenage (although she’s not quite) Catholic artists. ^_^ Her comics are cool!

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  3. Wow She has quite a talent!
    New follower here, Hope that you will follow back!

  4. Hello! Newest follower from the Welcome Wednesday blog hop! Would love for you to stop by and follow back, whenever you get a chance. Have a great week! (:


  5. I featured you today! Woot Woot! 🙂 Graat job!



  6. abeachcottage says:

    Kelly is very talented. The comics are just amazing. Love them.

  7. Your daughter has incredible talent and I love that she draws and writes about your family! Have you considered showing your work to Catholic magazines, like Faith and Family?
    Or there is a Catholic publishing company, Bezalel Books, that may be interested in seeing your talent. http://www.bezalelbooks.com
    I just went and “liked” Kelly’s FB page and sent her a similar message on her wall about these 2 places that may like to see her wonderful work! Thanks for sharing this on NOBH!

  8. WOW she is only 12 years old. How wonderful these are. I hope you find someone to publish them. Great job!!

  9. your daughter is incredibly talented. amazing. I don’t know how she would enter the cartoon syndicated world, but clearly she is talented to be there !

  10. Wow, I’ll absolutely love the cartoons! Your daughter is a very talented amazing young lady!

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