Easter is 50 Days!

Banking on our experience from prior years, I think there is a natural tendency to pack a whole lot of celebrating, feasting and chocolate-eating on Easter Sunday and maybe even this whole week…but we tend to forget that we are still in Easter celebration mode until Pentecost, especially after the chocolate runs out.

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Divine Mercy Craft Kit Coloring!

It’s Holy Thursday and a Snow Day up here in Canada, so we have taken the opportunity to color the B&W templates of our new Divine Mercy Craft Kit…just in time for the Novena that starts tomorrow on Good Friday!

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NEW Craft Kit for Divine Mercy!

We’ve got a NEW Craft Kit…just in time for the Divine Mercy Novena starting on Good Friday!

Divine Mercy with the Kelly Saints Craft Kit

$15 PDF:

The Divine Mercy Novena begins on Good Friday! Different souls are prayed for each of the nine days of prayer and you will find additional prayers and information here. There are also awesome promises associated with diligently saying this Novena along with going to Confession and receiving Holy Communion and you can read more about these promises here.

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ONE DAY Super Saints Easter Basket SALE!

Easter Basket Special!

***sorry the Easter Basket SALE has closed.

Please make sure you’re subscribed to hear about our next SALE!***

Saint Cards  + 1 Vocation Index (+ Quick Rules) in a glossy printed box

These Super Saints Cards offer full color Kelly Saints illustrations, quick and often quantifiable facts and a short biography.

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What’s in your Easter Basket?

When we released our Super Saints cards for the World Meeting of Families, I didn’t think about how awesome they will be for your Easter Basket!

It’s true, they make great Stocking Stuffers, but they also transform your treats for Easter!

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Come Holy Spirit…this season of Easter!

This Easter season of the Liturgical Calendar, every First Reading of Daily Mass comes from the Acts of the Apostles. Aren’t these readings awesome and inspiring?

The Acts …show us how empowered the early Church Christians were…filled with the Holy Spirit and convicted to speak and convert thousands at a time!  Don’t you love how the Apostles are repeatedly thrown into prison, but they don’t let their surroundings dampen their enthusiasm! In fact…they just seem to use the opportunity to host a prayer meeting…singing, praying and praising until angels come and let them out through the locked doors to the dismay of the guards!

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How to STAGE and STORE your Printable/Painted Saints!

The Little Wooden Painted Saints are so cute and we’re building quite the collection, outgrowing a couple storage boxes I’ve found for them.

In case you have been building your collection, but don’t know quite how to stage and store your Printable/Painted Saints…here are some ideas!

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Divine Mercy Novena

Are you ready to start the Divine Mercy Novena this Good Friday?

For email reminders to say your Divine Mercy prayers throughout the 9-day Novena, click Divine Mercy Novena at Pray More Novenas

Want a packed Cathletics Craft Kit that includes prayer petal flower templates, coloring pages and clipart for BOTH the Rosary AND the Divine Mercy Chaplet?

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Little Printable Peg Dolls: Easter Set

We’ve got a new set of little Wooden Painted Saints! Lacy released her Printable Resurrection Set this week and once again, I converted them to the smaller 1.75″ peg doll size and made 2 sets.

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Egg Carton Saints Passion Play

Last year, I made a couple figures out of Egg Cartons…including a couple knights as our company mascot Arma Dei  (Armor of God)

 I made Mother Mary…and a Pope Francis as well!

It occurred to me that the little knights could stand in as Roman soldiers…and the beginning plans of a new Egg Carton Character Passion Play begins to take hold…

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