7 Days ’til LENT and a plan for Valentine’s Eve!

Just a week away from Lent, and you’ve probably heard the dilemma…
Ash Wednesday falls on the SAME day as Saint Valentine’s Day.

Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday is always the last day before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. There is a tradition of going to confession on this day, in preparation for Lent. This particular Tuesday is tied with the celebration of Mardi Gras, representing the last day of feasting and fun before Lent. Practically, it was a good time to finish up all the food that would be forbidden during Lent.

If you usually give up chocolate or snacks or alcohol or fancy food for Lent, Shrove Tuesday would provide an excellent opportunity to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day!

We’re thinking we might celebrate the Eve of St. Valentine’s Day with heart-shaped pancakes, a Shrove Tuesday/ St Valentine’s Day Feast and plenty of chocolate treats!

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What are YOU doing for Lent?

As for upcoming Lent, what do you plan on giving up or adding?

We tend to give up chocolate or dessert, salty snacks, Coke Zero, liquor, cookies. Some brave people give up coffee or bread or meat. We have found that if our sacrifice is super challenging through the week, we might be tempted to overindulge on Sundays (because we don’t count Sundays in the 40 days of fasting as they are mini-Easters! I know, controversial, but we did the math)

We can ADD extra prayers, like a stronger commitment to the family Rosary every day, or adding the Divine Mercy Chaplet or a special Novena for our favorite Saint’s intercession.

We can also do a combination of sacrifices and added devotions either for the whole season of Lent (minus Sundays, if you please) or sprinkle them or change them up every week.

Prompts to Pray

Lent is also a good time to add Prompts to Pray! Choosing something we see or do or experience everyday as a reminder or Prompt to Pray! We can pray in our own words or choose to make a Dart Prayer like “Jesus, I trust in You” or “Come, Holy Spirit” a consistent habit throughout our days. We may even choose to keep the habit well beyond Lent or Easter, like a new habit for life!

In fact, that’s what the Prompt Me to Pray booklets for Lent and Easter are all about! Liturgical-season-relevant prompts to pray to get us praying more OFTEN, more consistently, and more FROM the HEART!

Prompt Me to Pray through Lent Booklet
Prompt Me to Pray through Easter Booklet


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