The Saints Were Prompted to Pray. Are YOU?


There are so many ways to pray! We have such a rich tradition of classic prayers and devotions, but we can also speak spontaneously to God in familial conversation. We are told by Jesus and by St. Paul to pray without ceasing and yet we are easily distracted and sometimes forget to pray.

I have become fascinated with learning what the Saints taught about Prayer!

Reading their teaching on prayer, there seems to be a consensus that we don’t need a list of rules or instructions to pray, but we need humility and perseverance. We should strive to pray from the heart with focus and intention.

And if want to try and pray without ceasing, we need to build a habit of prayer, and prompts to pray are helpful to do just that!

While I have written quite a bit about how we can be prompted to pray, I have been researching how the Saints were prompted to pray!

Perhaps what prompted these Saints to pray, can help us in our own habit-making quest to pray without ceasing!

St. Benedict was prompted to pray at specific times of day and night, but he also used visual cues as reminders to pray. He would make a point of praying every time he walked under one of the many arches at the monastery of Monte Cassino. (Giacomo Cardinal Lecaro, Methods of Mental Prayer. Westminster: Newman Press, 1957)
Is there a house or a statue or a piece of Sacred Art that you pass by every day, that can prompt YOU to pray?

St. Ignatius of Loyola was prompted to pray about specific events or actions of each day, through The Daily Examen, reflect on them and let them guide and transform him.
Are YOU prompted to pray The Daily Examen before you go to bed each night?

St. Teresa of Avila was prompted to pray by her habit of prayer, praying at particular times throughout the day as she carried out her daily tasks. St. Teresa was also prompted to pray by practicing the Presence of God; imagining Jesus at her side, looking at her and teaching her with kindness and love.
Do YOU ever imagine Jesus by your side as you do daily tasks?
Does it change how you act or does it prompt YOU to pray?

St. Francis de Sales was prompted to pray in a way that could transform his thoughts, feelings and actions. He was prompted to make resolutions based on his prayer and was prompted to put them in action right away.
Do YOU ever make resolutions during prayer time?
How do you remember to put them into action, once prayer time is over?

Brother Lawrence was prompted to pray by every task he did each day, at every moment of each day. He was able to recognize the perpetual Presence of God and participated in constant conversation with Him.
Are YOU prompted to practice the Presence of God?

St. Alphonsus Liguori was prompted to pray out of a particular insight or thought from his previous prayer time. He was prompted to pray short prayers, dedicating his tasks and duties to God and practicing the Presence of God by praying continually in conversation with Him.
Do YOU ever ‘start where you left off in your last prayer time’, digging deeper into insights or following up on resolutions you’ve made in prayer?

Clarence Enzler (author of My Other Self in which Christ speaks to the soul on living HIS life) was prompted to pray (and commit to God’s Will) in the morning, after Communion, at meals, during leisure, when he went to bed, before any big decisions (or actions) and in the midst of any struggles.
What specific times of the day do YOU pray?
What events or actions of your day prompt YOU to pray?

St Therese was prompted to pray continually through her gifts of love to God: she would sacrifice her comfort and personal preferences, offering them to God as a prayer of action.
She would not lean back on the back rest when she sat in a chair.
She would avoid wiping her face when she perspired or rubbing her hands together when she was cold.
She generously accommodated others and served them graciously, welcoming interruptions, no matter how involved she was in the duty of the moment.
What are your go-to prayers of action?
What small things can YOU do, with great love, as a prayer?

St. Teresa of Calcutta was prompted to pray at specific times of the day, as well as while she worked. She was prompted to pray quick prayers such as “I love You God”,
“I trust You”, “I believe in You”, and “I need You now.”
What short Dart Prayers have become habit for YOU?

How are YOU prompted to pray?


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