The Illustrated SAINTS Calendar is BAACK!

Fresh off the PDF-Maker!

We’ve just released the 15 month Calendar (October 2022-December 2023) as an easy Printable for your home! Packed with illustrations for Saints Days, Solemnities and Monthly Devotions, our calendar offers good-sized day squares, fasting Fridays, liturgical Sundays, as many saints days as possible and monthly classic prayers and devotions!

We also offer the 15 month calendar in three different formats:

Wide, Stapled and Ripped Landscape-letter-sized Wall Calendar that can be stapled and hole-punched to hang on your wall.

This Wall Calendar Kit includes a 15 month calendar (illustrated with the Kelly Saints on key Feast Days!) formatted to fit 8.5″x11″ landscape mode.

PDF Printable Download: $12


Vertical, Fastened and Flipped letter-sized Wall Calendar on a Saints Team base, fastened with brass fasteners or paper file-fasteners to easily keep previous month pages for your records.

27 pages include a 15 month calendar as well as:

  • Special Date Log for Sacraments, firsts, birthdays, anniversaries and milestones
  • Saints Dates Log for key Saints, by month
  • 160 stickies of special Feast Days, Liturgical Season dates, Sacraments and Memorials
  • 36 tags to record Monthly Devotions, Monthly Intentions and Scripture to memorize
  • 18 list tags to record Confession dates, prayer intentions, 1st Sacrament dates, Memorials, Patron Saints and Novena notices

PDF Printable Download: $15

and the Shop and Blog Planner featuring 47 page printable with calendar, stats, records, passwords, lists and log templates, you can compile every year into a binder, keeping on-going recording pages and swapping out or adding new pages as previous pages get full!
Templates include:

  • 15 month calendar (with Top Referrers, Top Posts, Giveaways, Guest Posts and Blog Events)
  • Blog Stats, Shop Stats monthly worksheets, Social Media and Blog Stats spreadsheets
  • Passwords, Giveaways, Guest Posts, Contributor Posts, Sponsor Buttons, Ad Space, Affiliate Links,  Plugins, Health Stats, Domains, Service and Software Registration, Events, Discounts, Interviews
  • Dot and Lined Paper templates, Index Tabs
        • lists and logs for Sacraments and Prayer Intentions: template of add-ons/stickers  NEW!

PDF Printable Download: $20


  1. Hi Linda,
    My Saints Calendar follows the Novus Ordo calendar as outlined in the USSB:
    God bless you,

  2. Does your calendar follow the Traditional Calendar or Novus Ordo calendar?

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