Extreme Makeover: Birdhouse Edition!

From Birdhouse to Dollhouse;
Dollhouse to SAINTS House!

I’ve been painting little saints from wooden peg dolls for a while now.
I’ve created little churches and travel churches and hangouts, Nativities and Passion Plays!

I’ve been looking for a while…for a little wooden dollhouse at the appropriate 1.25″ saint scale, but to no avail.

I finally grabbed a couple little wooden birdhouses and customized them myself!

From birdhouse to dollhouse; dollhouse to SAINTS House!

I transformed this little birdhouse into a miniature dollhouse, by carving out the back wall for access to the inside. It took a little muscle, a half dozen replacement Xacto blades and a good amount of patience! I repeatedly scored along the seam (roof to wall, wall to floor) and noticed it was alot easier to cut through the wood along the grain for the sides.

I picked up this awesome Rotary Craft Tool* on my first trip to Hobby Lobby when I was in the States last week! While it didn’t help much with the straight cutting of the back wall (broke two blades and cut at an angle), it was useful for sanding and I think it will be really helpful for some of my other wood projects to come!

I used a little sanding to clean up the edges and used popsicle sticks (cut to size) for trim.

I inserted a carefully-cut floor, friction fit and reinforced with white glue. I painted the surfaces and added illustrated details, kitchen appliances, window frames, pictures in picture frames, a fireplace and oriental rug, just printed at home, cut and glued in place. The final seal of mod-podge keeps them protected and secured in place.

I cut larger pieces of craft wood with our electric compound mitre saw*, but I was able to cut the little pieces of wood with our mitre box and hacksaw* . I was able to assembled the little wooden pieces into bunk beds and a kitchen table.
Not much more furniture will fit!

*Amazon Affiliate links: I receive a very small commission that does NOT inflate the price you pay. Thanks for your support!


I painted the exterior and added a final coat of mod podge for a little extra protection and shine. Acrylic craft paint is easy to work with; any little mistakes can be touched up or corrected.

Email Monica if you would be interested in a little Furnishings Craft Kit Printable for the inside of your Birdhouse converted to Saints House.

I’m on the look out for additional wooden birdhouses to build up my little Commune of Saints!
Show me what YOU find at your local craft store or dollarstore!

I can combine them into a little village, with the wooden Saints Church

…and here’s our Wooden Lunchbox Church for Saints Play on-the-go using the Cathedral Clipart Craft Kit PDF!


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