Kelly Saints Cathedral for the Wooden Painted Saints!

into Divine Mercy Cathedral

Have you participated in a Wooden Painted Saint Exchange? These seem to be popping up all over the place…and maybe you need a place for all your little Painted Saints to hang out! What better place than your own little Cathedral?

I was inspired by the Painted Saints Cathedral Lisa made over at Catholic Missionary Family.  She actually used the ArtMinds Wood Castle from Michaels. I noticed the ArtMinds Wood Barn at Michaels and I think it converts perfectly to a Gothic Cathedral! The wooden painted saints I have are the 1.5″ size and I think that they fit in their new Cathedral perfectly!

In Canada…this barn is $16.99, but in the U.S., it looks like it’s only $9.99.

Don’t forget to grab the 40% off coupon online for your purchase at Michaels.

This is what the wood barn looked like before we started working on it.

ArtMinds Wood Barnpainted ArtMinds Wood BarnI painted the outside gray, the roof charcoal and the interior an off-white. I removed the barn door with one of those tiny little screwdrivers and I added a little wood cross to the top.



Three of the roof pieces are on hinges and lift up for easy access to the inside.

I picked my favorite saints and decided to make this Kelly Saints Cathedral in honor of the Divine Mercy

I have created yet another craft kit with the Cathedral Clipart (below) with all the color images you need for the stained glass windows, the added rose windows, the crucifix, the stations of the cross and the side altar statues. The rose windows are formatted for the 2.5″ circle punch and perfectly fit inside my favorite frozen juice lids and look professionally framed!

spray booth Cathedral clipart

I have learned that it’s important to use fixative spray (or hairspray ~ that’s what I used!) to ‘fix’ the color prints before I add varnish or mod podge to seal them onto the walls. I used a cardboard box as my spray booth and it worked quite well!

loose fit Cathedral clipartI always loosely place the images before I add glue…to see if the sizing is ok and if I like the way it looks. The frozen juice lid doesn’t fit up top on the inside…but it can be secured with a glue gun on the outside of the wood church.

cathedral with tabernacle and altar

I used scraps of wood and a round clothes peg for the altar and tabernacle. I drew my own tabernacle door and sanctuary lamp with a Sharpie and glued and varnished them right in place.

The original church windows were square…so I just added the arch shape and glued the image and reverse image of each Kelly Saint back to back, so that they can be seen from inside and also through the windows from the outside.

communion of painted saints

This little Cathedral was so fun to work on…and the Cathedral Clipart Craft Kit makes it pretty easy to customize! No one would call this little building a barn, now would they?

So…hopefully with the savings you enjoy from that 40% coupon at Michaels…you won’t mind paying the $5 for the awesome Kelly Saints Cathedral Clipart Craft Kit. Although I continue to offer a number of Prayer, Sacraments, Saints and Birthday Party freebies to our subscribers, I realize I need to charge for this kit to protect the Kelly Saints images and to justify the amount of time I’m putting into these projects. Thanks so much for your support…it helps me to continue creating Catholic crafts and tools and to hire tech help to fix my blog when it explodes like it did a couple weeks ago.

I hope that you enjoy making your own Painted Saints Cathedral as much as I did!

Please tell your Painted Saint Exchange friends! They might want to host a Painted Saints Cathedral-Making Party next!

  • ArtMinds Wood Barn: $9.99 $5.99 with coupon!
  • Cathedral Clipart Craft Kit: $5
  • Paint: FREE if you already have it!
  • Print: FREE if you print at home!
  • Wood Craft Cross: 49cents
  • Scrap wood, frozen juice lids: FREE if you can find them at home!

Custom Playset for your Painted Saints and hours of entertainment: not bad for under $12!


Cathedral Clipart Craft KitCathedral Clipart Craft Kit:

PDF Printable $5
Add to Cart

The Cathedral Clipart Craft Kit includes:

  • instructions and tips
  • permission to print for home use (one set per family)
  • 3 styles of Rose Windows (front and reverse images)
  • 6 Kelly Saint Arch Windows (front and reverse images)
  • 2 Mary Side Altar Statues
  • 14 Stations of the Cross, formatted in a string for easy placement
  • Crucifix (2 sizes available)


  1. After a bit of searching I finally found the barn on Amazon!

    So excited to make this for my kids for Christmas!

  2. If I had a Bible Study group that wanted to make a few of these and sell them as a fundraiser, would we need to get special permission? Would that be possible? thanks for the info!

  3. I would love that barn!!! Can’t find it anywhere locally and Michaels online is sold out. How long ago did you get this? Anyone else find one?

  4. Hi Monica!
    WOW! I love this! How awesome! This is adorable! Ok so now with Lacy’s printable peg dolls and your cathedral idea, I really need to get workin’! You have amazing ideas! Thank you!

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