My Instagram Account was Kidnapped, but here’s an EASTER Giveaway!

One week ago, my Instagram account was disabled, for some mysterious violation that I don’t think exists. I have repeatedly appealed this violation every day to no avail. I really appreciated my Instagram account, not only as kind of family diary of family trips, and special occasions celebrated with our family but also as an awesome visual venue to get the word out on the Catholic books, craft kits, quizzing cards and stamps I have created through my Catholic Business Arma Dei.

I know it’s not the end of the world…or even the end of our online business, but it has been frustrating and sad. I am, however, choosing to focus on the silver lining; focusing on the opportunity my little catastrophe has presented:

First, it’s been a unique exercise in detachment…and how fitting as we enter the last two weeks of Lent. After a few days of not having an account to login to, I recognize how much time I spend on this social platform: time much better spent focusing on my family,  prayer time, and even exercise.

With all my busy-work trying to search out answers and next steps for my Instagram account, fighting hackers from trying to scam me into hiring them to try to probably-not fix my account, I’ve had plenty of new prompts to pray, that’s for sure.

And once I opened a brand new Instagram account and as I slowly try to build my community of followers back up again, I can be more intentional about who I seek out and follow, and how I curate my new @monicaequippingCatholics  account.

So…I’ve decided to offer a very special Giveaway, open to ALL my followers on my NEW Instagram Account.


I invite you to follow me @MonicaequippingCatholics if you’re already on the gram and if you’re not already on Instagram but have been meaning to find out exactly what it is… I hope you will check out my account and follow me as well. (Just click this button to open your new account:

Over the next little while, I will be trying my best to reconnect with my followers…and I hope to meet some new ones!  When I reach a significant milestone in the next week or so, I will randomly select a winner from the entire list of followers, and mail out a special collection of Catholic prayer and Saints gifts* including:

and no doubt, a couple of additional surprises as well!

Please pass along this email to your Catholic friends who might also be interested in the @MonicaequippingCatholics
and winning the Easter collection of Catholic Gifts!

…and please follow @MonicaequippingCatholics  on


*Retail value: $65+



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