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Holy Thursday

Seder Supper with Script: Expanded Craft Kit

This Cathletic Craft Kit offers the basic ingredients, significance and text of the Seder Supper meal…for Christians.

This Expanded Seder Supper Printable includes a Script of prayers, questions and explanations, as well as Scripture references to read aloud.


Expanded Seder Supper with Script
PDF Download $6

Good Friday

Passion Play Crafts

Egg Carton Jesus

Painted Saints

Peg Passion Play

Station of the Cross Crafts

Stations of the Cross Craft Kit

The Stations of the Cross with Kelly Saints Craft Kit includes FOUR sets of templates for various crafts with craft recommendations and instructions included!


Stations of the Cross Craft Kit
PDF Download: $12




Lenten Pack of Prayers

The Hands-On Lenten Pack of Prayers Craft Kit includes coloring pages for the Stations of the Cross, the Rosary and the Divine Mercy along with specific prayer counter tools for each of the classic devotions including:

  • Stations of the Cross Spinwheel
  • Rosary Prayer Counter
  • Divine Mercy Prayer Counter.

Once laminated, the craft templates accommodate both lace-up and dry erase (coloring) prayer counting.

The kit also includes 17 illustrated prayer cards including classic prayers as well as Lenten prayers for the Days of the Week.

Lenten Pack of Prayers
PDF Download: $15

Easy as Abacus Stations of the Cross and Divine Mercy

The Easy as Abacus Divine Mercy Craft Kit offers prayers and clipart to customize a Divine Mercy Abacus made from a Dollarstore square framed canvas. The strung Pony beads are perfect for little fingers to count the prayers of the Divine Mercy as well as the 9 days of the Novena.
Includes Divine Mercy Prayers Bookmark and a One page Divine Mercy template with all the prayers and beads to color. This Cathletics Craft Kit also includes the prayers for the Divine Mercy Novena formatted as a tabbed carousel as well as a (larger print) Accordion Book.

The Easy as Abacus Stations of the Cross Kit offers prayers and clipart to customize a Stations of the Cross Abacus made from a Dollarstore square framed canvas. The strung Pony beads are perfect for little fingers to count the 14 Stations of the Cross.
Includes several templates for the Stations of the Cross including a coloring page and summary sheet PLUS BONUS: Divine Mercy clipart, prayers and coloring page!

Easy as Abacus Stations and Divine Mercy Novena
PDF Download: $10


Easter Crafts and Traditions

Easy Quick Guide: Prompt Me to Pray through EASTER
PDF Download: $12

Prompt Me to Pray through EASTER journeys through the 50 days of Easter, including Divine Mercy Sunday, the Ascension of Jesus, and ending on the Solemnity of Pentecost. It’s a 44-page booklet with scripture, illustrations, and prayer prompts offering dispositions or practices for deeper prayer. Reflections include: Grateful Unshakeable Joy, Abiding in His Presence, Courageous Vulnerability, Trust in the Divine Mercy of Jesus, Humble Surrender, Bold Confidence in God’s Love and Enkindled with Extravagant Grace.



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