Egg Carton Saints Passion Play

Egg Carton Saints Passion Play


Last year, I made a couple figures out of Egg Cartons…including a couple knights as our company mascot Arma Dei  (Armor of God)

Egg Carton Mary 2 I made Mother Mary…and a Pope Francis as well!


It occurred to me that the little knights could stand in as Roman soldiers…and the beginning plans of a new Egg Carton Character Passion Play begins to take hold…


Arrest of Jesus
Egg Carton Tutorial hDo you have any empty egg cartons?

Check out our Egg Carton Saints Tutorial!

…or our Egg Carton Passion Play!

passionplay in an egg carton

Coming Soon!

The NEW Egg Carton Passion Play with NEW Wooden Painted Saints (converted to the smaller size) from Lacy’s Printable Peg Dolls: The Passion Set!



…plus some Empty Tomb set ideas!


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