NEW! LENT Challenge Calendar Craft Kit: Give+Pray+Love

We’ve just released a NEW Craft Kit for upcoming Lent! Lent starts on March 2nd this year! You can easily download and print this Lent Challenge Calendar (either letter-size or assembled to 11×17″ tabloid size) for daily Lent Challenge options for the WHOLE FAMILY!

It’s packed with GIVE*PRAY+LOVE recommendations, but remember that you don’t have to check ALL the boxes and you can easily customize the calendar to your own family’s needs, schedule and traditions!

This Lent Challenge Calendar can be printed off for a new start…EVERY year for LENT! Keep the filled-in calendar to remind you of what WORKED to help your family grow in holiness this Lent.

Lent Challenge Calendar: GIVE+PRAY+LOVE
Download PDF: $10

Black and white templates to make a double-sided 8×11″ calendar with checkboxes and the two big Saints Feast Day reminders and/or a double-sided 11×17″ calendar for easy box-checking, coloring and customizing.

Includes permission to copy for up to 5 sets for family or classroom use, year after year.
(aka You can print matching calendars for cousins and close Catholic friends
to share your Lent Journey!)


  1. How do I receive the Lent Challenge Calendar if I purchased the Catholic Mom Bundle from your link?

  2. Annalisa McMaster says:

    Hi there! I really like your Lent activity because I think it will work for the whole family and allow them to journey through Lent together. I would like to use it for our Religious Ed program. We currently have 28 families in the program and I would love to give each family a sheet. Could I get permission to make enough copies for the families? Thank you for sharing this clever idea. God bless you.

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