NEW Rosary Craft Kit: Revolving Rosary!

The Revolving Rosary is assembled to make ONE Mysteries of the Rosary Spinwheel (to keep track of the Mysteries of the Rosary, decade by decade) and ONE Prayers of the Rosary Spinwheel (to keep track of the Our Father, ten Hail Marys and one Glory Be prayers recited with each decade)


Our Lady’s Revolving Rosary Craft Kit also includes 24 Our Lady’s Crown Prayer Cards adapted from Rosary Novenas to our Lady by Charles V. Lacey (c)1924. Each prayer of the Rosary is offered as a beautiful rose to weave into a wreath crown for Our Lady. Each of the 20 Mysteries is described, along with a particular virtue or grace to reflect on and exercise, learning from Our Lady and Jesus Himself.

BONUS: two Rosary Coloring pages with all the Rosary prayers (and Mysteries) for easy reference. The flowers on these pages are colored as the prayers are read or recited. If laminated, these prayer-counter Rosary coloring pages can be used again and again with dry erase or washable markers!

My husband grew up in a family with 6 kids and each night they gathered, kneeling around their parents’ bed to say the Rosary.  If cousins were visiting, they lined up kneeling as well. It was the Rosary Novenas to Our Ladywith beautiful words explaining the Mysteries of the Rosary, with each prayer representing a symbolic flower placed on a wreath upon Our Lady’s head.  To this day, my husband can recite these beautiful words for each of the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries and he has adapted his own Luminous Mysteries (added in 2002 by Pope John Paul II)
Over the years, we have said the Rosary as a family infrequently and usually only one decade a day.  We say a decade on our way out of town when we pass the Cathedral along the highway.  We sometimes say a decade at bedtime, or for a special intention (a sick relative or friend) or when we remember during Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.
I think my husband continues his devotion to the Rosary, if only one decade a day…and he always seems to remember which Mystery he’s on. When he invites the rest of us to join him, it seems pretty random when he announces ‘the fourth Glorious Mystery’ until we realize that that’s just the Mystery he’s on; he’s been saying it on his own, all the time.
I recommitted to saying the Daily Rosary, in 2016 and I’ve stuck to it for the most part, even though some of my later decades are a little sleepy if I have left them for the end of the day!
I’m a big fan of hands-on prayer tools and I think that the Revolving Rosary might just help with the family Rosary!
I figured we needed a way to keep track of the Mysteries…and what a great opportunity for us to try learning the beautiful words of the special prayers that Bill learned as a child.

How the Revolving Rosary works

The idea behind the Revolving Rosary, is that the arrow can be used to point at each ‘rosary bead counter’.
At the end of praying the Rosary, the arrow is left at the next Mystery of the Rosary, as an easy reminder of where we will begin next time.  This would be helpful whether you are saying only one or two decades a day, easing into the family rosary …or even if you are a veteran Rosary family, committed to a full set of 5 decades a day.
Revolving Rosary
$15 Printable Download

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