Catholic Stamps for Planners and Prayer Journals, Catholic Crafts and Snail Mail!

I’ve added some new stamps in the shop!


With our own custom Super Saints artwork for over 60 Saints, I’m pleased to be able to add new Saints Stamps to the shop as they are requested by customers. I was happy to include the St Benedict medal graphic behind St Benedict’s head. It almost looks like a very specialized halo.


We’ve got Marian Stamps…and consecration stamps and signature stamps!


Have you seen the Called to be a Saint/Saint in Training/I Was Born to Do This stamps? I think that these will be popular as part of our signature stamp series but also for Sacrament gifts and teacher tools.


I’ve added a few Sacrament stamp sets! I think these will be great for parish and school Sacrament prep programs, teachers and homeschooling families.





A lot of our stamps make great embellishments to cards and snail mail sign offs and envelopes.  There are just so many awesome devotions and symbols in our Catholic Faith and stamps are a great way to evangelize! We can stamp outgoing mail, lunch bags, agenda books, calendars and any correspondence. We can share our Faith before we even say a word.


Pro-life? We’ve got 2 different sizes of this stamp and one just like it without the text.

We’ve got subtle ways of letting people know where we stand!

Our prayer journal and accountability stamps customize the simplest notebook into a treasured prayer journal!


and we’ve got ALL KINDS OF SNEAKY WAYS to foster your family’s devotion to the daily Rosary!

These Catholic Stamps are great for Catholic Crafts, Bible Journaling and Prayer Journaling…and they fit really well in an Easter Basket!

Which Catholic Stamps appeal to you…for journaling, correspondence, calendars or evangelization!?

Do you have any requests? I’d love to hear them!

Just email me with your special requests for Catholic stamps!

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