Craft Kits Up CLOSE!

We’re starting a new series of posts showcasing our 50+ Cathletics Craft Kits!

We have over 58 Catholic Saints, Sacraments, Catechism and Prayer-Packed Craft Kits available as PDFs you can print and assemble at home. Each kit comes with permission to copy for home use or for use in one classroom!

Catholic Craft Kit Printables!


Saints Craft Kits are printables to foster love for the Saints through your family calendar, conversations and correspondence as well as little research projects on the saints lives and explorations of the virtues they exemplified. Build your Dream Team of Saints!

  • Saints Wall Calendar
  • Adjustable Liturgical Calendar
  • Advent and Lent Quest
  • Cathedral Clipart
  • Catholic Conversation Pieces
  • Communion of Saints Family Calendar
  • Felt Friends Saints and Bible Heroes
  • Sacraments with the Saints: Holy Communion
  • Calendar Saint Stickies
  • Kelly Saints Blessing Cards
  • Kelly Saints Stamps
  • Mentors of Mercy
  • Saint Scripts 1
  • Saint Scripts 2
  • Saint Scripts 3
  • Love like a Saint Love Quote Cards
  • Works of Mercy


Sacrament Craft Kits offer preparation and scrapbooking for first Sacraments.
Foster love and reverence for the Sacraments and prepare them for a Sacramental Life!

  • Sacraments with the Saints: Holy Communion
  • Journey with Jesus through Confirmation
  • Journey with Jesus through Reconciliation and Holy Communion
  • Reconciliation Prep
  • Sacraments with the Saints: Reconciliation


Catechism Craft Kits are packed with catechism to make learning eventful and formation fun!
Teach Catechism Facts with fun Craft Hacks!

  • Advent and Lent Quest
  • Catechism Catcher
  • Catechism Cube
  • Cathletics Key Cards
  • Catholic Lingo Bingo (English/Spanish)
  • Color Me Catholic
  • Holy Spirit Spinwheel
  • Tower Tumble


Prayer-packed craft kits introduce classic prayers and devotions while fostering family prayer habits and a stronger relationship with Jesus!
Teach kids to pray the fun way!

  • Advent and Lent Quest
  • Advent Prayer Pockets
  • All Season Prayer Bank
  • Color Me Catholic
  • Divine Mercy
  • Divine Mercy Abacus
  • Rosary Abacus
  • Stations Abacus
  • Hands-On Pack of Prayers
  • Lace-Up Missal (English/Spanish)
  • Mass Journal Hack
  • Mysteries of the Rosary
  • One Page Printables
  • Play Mass Kit
  • Prayer Board
  • Prayer Journal Prompts and Prayers: Special Bundle
  • Prayer Journal Prompts Workshop Kit
  • Prayer Journal: Heart to Heart with Jesus
  • Prayers and Novenas
  • Prayer-Loom Prayer Book
  • Prompt Me to Pray through Advent
  • Prompt Me to Pray through Christmas
  • Prompt Me to Pray through Lent
  • Prompt Me to Pray through Easter
  • Reconciliation Prep
  • Seder Supper with Script
  • Spiritual Bouquet of Prayer Petal Flowers
  • Stations of the Cross

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