Prompt Me to Pray ~ Prayer Retreat

I’m trying something new!


Next week, I’m leading my first ever Prayer Retreat at Catholicland up here in Canada!

The Prayer Retreat is based on my book Prompt Me to Pray, but I have also created a special Retreat Companion for each attendee. I think this workbook will help each one of us to customize our own personal plan for more consistent prayer from the heart.


Possible Prompt Me to Pray Retreat Online!

I’m thinking about ways to take my Prompt Me to Pray Prayer Retreat Online! If you are interested in updates about a short 2-3 hour Online Prayer Retreat, please add your email here:


…and if you’re in the Greater Toronto Area, please consider registering HERE at CatholicLand.
It’s only $30 and lunch is included.
Spaces are limited for safe distancing for this 3 hour (+ lunch) retreat, so please register as soon as possible for this retreat on October 3rd!



Don’t have Prompt Me to Pray yet?

Prompt Me to Pray is available in my Arma Dei Shoppe

as well as on Amazon  and


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