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It is an irrefutable truth that the new evangelization in our time
“depends in great part on the Church of the home.”

(St. John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio, 52).
Monica McConkey has been equipping Catholic families with creativity, fidelity, and fun for decades.
This little book is another gem in that arsenal! It is both simple in presentation and profound in content.
But be forewarned … it could change your life,
and the life of your domestic Church, in powerful and beautiful ways!
~Bishop Scott McCaig, C.C.
Military Ordinariate of Canada

This is a wonderful and practical book on how to practice the presence of God throughout the day.
It is one thing to know that personal prayer is important and another thing to be given tools and tips on how to maintain our prayer life on a daily basis and especially throughout the busyness of our daily schedules.
Monica McConkey, a mother of five, has learned and developed these tools over many years of striving to be faithful to her relationship with the Lord throughout the day.
~Fr. Roger Vandenakker,
General Superior of the Companions of the Cross

If you long for a deeper spiritual life and a more vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ, Monica McConkey’s wonderful work Prompt Me to Pray is the perfect companion for your journey.
By presenting practical prompts to pray, Monica provides a framework to help us encounter God’s presence not only in special moments of formal prayer but in the tiny tasks that fill our busy lives. Phenomenal!
~Lisa Hendey, Founder of CatholicMom.com and author of A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms, The Handbook for Catholic Moms and The Grace of Yes

I absolutely love love love this book !!!! Thank you so much ❤️ Well done ❤️ The book is absolutely wonderful ❤️
~Antonietta Botticelli

Monica, you have really thought of everything and I am so excited about this book, I already know I am going to re-read this many times to keep adding to my prayer routine. Thank you so much!
~Colette Larson

Pragmatic, insightful, practical and helpful ways to guide and improve your prayer life and improve your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The book is easy to read, has large font, short chapters and is very well displayed. It has places for you to journal, answer questions to proposed questions to really shepherd your path to more fruitful prayer life. If you want to find feasible, workable, viable ways to find the time to incorporate prayer into a very busy life, this is the book for you.
~Ann Marie Munro

I just received my book very excited to start reading it. In Psalms 1 V 2, it says,” instead, his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on that law, he meditates day and night.” In other words, it’s right in every situation, to have our heart and mind directed towards Christ. ”Prompt me to pray” seems genuinely fitting to this verse.
~ Caroline Dupuis

I was recently on an overnight family camping trip which gave me an opportunity to experience God’s beauty. I feel that sometimes a prompt for prayer can be something simple as your surroundings. I believe this book is a real gem and will be beneficial for everyones’ prayer life whether you’re new to the concept of prayer or you’re returning to God through prayer after a period of being away. While I was working through the book, I was reminded of St Therese of Lisieux. As I was reading through the chapter titled “Littleness: The Ultimate Prompt to Pray”, I came across St Therese of Lisieux. For me, this was a mic drop moment. God is always sending us prompts. Don’t be afraid to open your eyes and see what is around you.
~Joe Sales Read More on Joe Sales Blog

I received Monica’s book in the mail and I couldn’t put it down. It is a work of love and beauty. If you are looking for ways to draw closer to God, or to open your eyes to see the ways He is trying to draw closer to you, this book is for you. Thank you Monica!
~Kerry Brine

What a wonderful book! When life is so busy it is important to make time for prayer to keep me grounded and this wonderful book has given me some great ideas of how to fit it in and to stay consistent. I am now prompted to pray throughout my daily happenings, rather than just morning and night. Thank you so very much for creating this much needed book. God bless!
~Louise McCarthy

The main strength of Prompt Me to Pray is that it offers anyone the chance to improve their prayer life. From the person who doesn’t pray at all to the person who is already praying throughout the day, McConkey offers us the opportunity to go deeper.
McConkey’s goal is to help the reader make a habit of praying more in a real, authentic, loving way. And with this down-to-earth but rich in Catholic teaching practical plan, it’s an accessible goal.
I appreciate the bite-sized steps to incorporating prayer into my daily life. The pocket prayers in the back are a bonus!
While I’ve enjoyed going through it on my own, I could see going through Prompt Me to Pray again with a small group of other mothers, sharing what works for us and providing positive accountability. Would make a great gift!
~Alicia Schonhardt

Just finished your book! LOVED IT 💗 There are so many people in my head that I want to send it to!!!! This will be amazing for me too. I LOVE the pocket prayers in the back and all of your examples throughout the book with prompts!!!! Some of the smallest things, I might never have thought of are prompts to pray. This will take my spiritual life and others’ to a new level! Just what I needed at this time in my life.
~Sue Denz

Truly a valuable resource to help someone in any stage or vocation in life, Prompt Me to Pray is a wonderful tool to help guide us in “praying without ceasing.” I’m so impressed by the wide variety and well thought out examples of looking for prompts to pray in literally any moment and circumstance of our days. The book contains just enough of the author’s personal examples, as well as connections to the Saints and Scripture, and then provides specific prompts and lists to make your own personal plan. That guidance is laid out in a user friendly fashion so that a reader could add more and more prompts to pray at their own pace and depth of application.
I also really loved some of the resources in the back, such as the Prayer Starters to specific Names of God and the pocket prayers. The reflections really made me think about the opportunities to pray that I might waste throughout the day and how I can take better advantage of the reminders in front of me. I think my favorite section was on surrender and think that creating our own Litany of surrender could be a very powerful practice for all of us. Well done, Monica!
~Katie Bogner

Monica, it is great how you help others to pray. You gave so many examples of prompts to trigger prayer. With the variety of prompts, a person’s prayer connects them to the Trinity, the Saints, and with those around them. Your book is engaging the reader to action by having them respond with personal prayer in relation to the various experiences in their daily life. This book is a kit to guide one in a prayerful life.
~Robert Tabone

Having reviewed this wonderful and practical book, I can’t help thinking that the author has in fact been prompted in the first place by the Holy Spirit to write on this very needed topic and to honestly share from her rich, deep, and ongoing real-life experience on the search for God and friendship with Him.
This practical experience is very well supported by the lives and writings of the saints which are drawn upon and well referenced and which go to make this work even more valuable while giving security and confidence to the reader.
I am truly happy to recommend this spiritual and useful guide to all those who understandably struggle to raise their hearts and minds to God and experience His presence and voice in this hectic and distracted world of ours, knowing that you will be blessed in making the effort and grow in your union with God. It will be a reliable, engaging, and enjoyable guide for the journey.
~Fr Michael Hughes 

Perfect for anyone to incorporate more authentic prayer into their daily life, Prompt Me to Pray, offers tangible steps to grow closer to Jesus. This practical plan is a bridge between our busy day-to-day lives and our goal of heaven.
It’s so easy to have prayer take a back seat throughout the day. McConkey gives specific prompts (from the time, to when we’re waiting, to when we see certain objects) so we don’t easily forget. She also offers little prayers to pray (love the bonus Pocket Prayers in the back of the book) when we don’t have the right words.
While I’ve enjoyed going through it on my own, I could see going through Prompt Me to Pray again with a small group sharing what works for us and providing positive accountability. Would make a great gift!
~US Amazon Customer


  1. Anne M. DeSantis says:

    The book is amazing! I’m so grateful to have it.

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