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When I discover great prayer tools, I love to share them! I am still really enjoying Jesus Speaking: Heart to Heart with the King * and Every Sacred Sunday as well as Magnify*, the book I recently reviewed here

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Every Sacred Sunday Mass Journal

I wanted to talk a little more about Every Sacred Sunday as I have been using it almost every Sunday since the start of Advent. It’s a beautifully formatted book and it’s a pleasure to bring it with me to Mass, to follow along with the readings and take a couple notes from the homily. I especially appreciate the fact that they have a version just for us Canadians with the readings and Gospel chosen by our own Conference of Catholic Bishops.

While I love the way the Mass Journal is formatted, I actually found 2 Every Sacred Sunday Hacks that have made my use of it even more enjoyable.

The first one…is that because I’m just a little hard of hearing and the audio system in our newly renovated Church may not yet be perfectly configured, I’ve been dragging my Sunday Missal AND the ESS journal to Mass. And I look like a bit of a librarian. Not a horrible thing, but I wouldn’t mind juggling fewer books at Mass.

I just really like following along with the prayers of the Mass. Hence, The Case for Sacred Subtitles. The Eucharistic prayers are SO beautiful…and I find that I don’t appreciate them, if I’m not reading along. So…I have created a Mass Journal HACK PDF that includes 4 templates for the 4 Eucharistic Prayers of the Mass. They are formatted to fit within the pages of the Every Sacred Sunday journal and can be used as bookmarks. Alternatively, I printed the templates on letter-size sticky-back paper and adhered them within the Notes pages at the end of the ESS.

It’s just too complicated to include all the Preface Prayers and unique Collect and Offertory prayers for each Mass, but I’m happy to have the Eucharistic prayers to follow along.

The Mass Journal HACK is a FREE printable with the Eucharistic Prayer Templates and information about the Homilies at Home Directory.

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The second HACK is a result of one of my all-time-favorite priests (and spiritual director) getting moved 4 hours away!! His homilies are THE BEST and I’m going to miss him and his homilies SO much. Anticipating his move…I have started creating a directory of priest homilies that are available online.

I had already started listening to other Sunday homilies…throughout the week, especially  to supplement what I heard and journaled each Sunday, and to try and keep the Sunday Mass readings fresh all week by continuing to journal in the ESS. I think this Directory is going to be ever-so-helpful in the weeks and years to come!

I’ve even created an online form that you can access below to recommend your own favorite links to awesome Catholic Homilies.

Here’s the on-going Homilies at Home Directory online (we’re just getting started!):




and here’s the Homilies at Home Online Form to place your own recommendations for awesome Catholic Homilies and Keynotes:

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