Equipping Catholic Families …to Pray

Equipping Catholic Families is very much a family apostolate and as our five kids one by one step into the teenage and young adult years, our family ministry seems to be maturing as well. We will continue to present #catholiccrafts featuring our Catholic Craft Kits, Quizzing Cards and Books while we recognize the changing needs of our own little family with our Catholic kids emerging into adulthood. While my kids still humor me for the most part as I pull from storage our Catholic crafts and heirlooms to celebrate the Seasons and Feast Days of the Liturgical Calendar, I recognize that these little Catholic crafts, practices and programs will likely lose precedence, except for a few little nostalgic tokens, at least until grandchildren become part of our family dynamic yippee, I can’t wait!

While we’ve been very blessed with the Catholic communities our older kids have become a part of during their high school and post-secondary years (youth group, Steubenville in Toronto, Catholic Christian Outreach ~ Canada’s version of Focus and Rise-Up) and I’m excited by their commitment to their Catholic Faith, I hardly expect them to pull out the little painted saints, Advent Calendar, Jesse Tree banner or Lenten Sacrifice jar…in their dorms. I do slip the odd deck of Super Saints to new found Catholic friends, but I do so, a wee bit reluctantly.

What I do hope they keep with them and continue to nurture and grow is their prayer life and intimate relationship with Jesus. Fostering quality prayer certainly doesn’t end in the young adult years. Craft Kits and Journal Stamps and Prayer Journals that strengthen and deepen prayer life have readily become my new focus. What I want for my kids, my husband and friends ~and myself is a solid, fruitful, healthy, confident and loving prayer life that is always deepening and is constantly evolving into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Equipping Catholic Families…to PRAY

So, I’m not sure what changes lie ahead for this website. I will continue to post Catholic Crafts, Activities and Family Traditions to celebrate the Liturgical Calendar, including the picture summaries at the beginning of each month and liturgical season. I have a few Catechism craft kits to release in the not so distant future and a few other exciting projects I’m discerning.

I will also be focused on new prayer tools to help families deepen their prayer life. I look forward to sharing research and reflection on Prayer …and lessons from Our Mother Mary,

because Mary sure knows how to pray and she certainly enjoys the. most. intimate relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Has your prayer life evolved over the years?

Do you hope to deepen your prayer life in the years to come?



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    Love your website!

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