Subtle Saints Stationary and Tools

The Saints make me happy. I like having my Dream Team of Saints in my corner and they help me with a lot of things…intercession for sure, but also practical tips to strive for holiness, guidance for everyday coping, safe-keeping of snail mail, an excuse to celebrate often (so many favorite Feast Days this month!) and subtle saints evangelization…

I’ve created quite a few things that help me stay organized, but also {hopefully, subtly} evangelize just through my regular use of them throughout daily life and correspondence.

I keep a stash of Kelly Saints Blessing Cards printed and on hand with invitation-sized envelopes.

I also keep our former pastor continually supplied with his own custom Mass Cards.


The craft kit PDF comes with a huge collection of inside templates for every occasion including Catholic Sacraments, Catholic Sentiments and Mass Cards.

Kelly Saints Blessing Cards





For a number of years, we have created Saints-packed Calendars including the Communion of Saints Perpetual Calendar  as well as the Adjustable Liturgical Calendar (also used year after year) accommodating the moving seasons and feast days of each year!

This week…we just released this 16 month Wall Calendar for Every Day Catholics for 2018-2019.(sorry, we weren’t in time for September!) It’s packed with our original Super Saints illustrations for Feast Days and monthly devotions. It also comes with a bunch of templates of over 200 Catholic stickers including Catholic lists,¬† Sacrament logs and special dates and devotions to fill your other calendar or planner with important Catholic Feast Days and Seasons.

FYI: We also have the Catholic Planner (with 16 month calendar) for Blogs and Shops.


Both within our family and our Catholic business, St. Anthony is the patron saint of snail mail! We use our St. Anthony Guide Our Mail Stamp on all outgoing packages…and honestly, I think he’s helping Canada Post deliver our mail!

Rosary Stamp

We’ve also just added some Rosary stamps to the Prayer Impressions Journal Stamps Shop!

Just look to the top of the shop at this link. These Rosary stamps are relatively small and are intended to accommodate most wall calendars and medium to full size planners. They are also great in prayer journals and can be customized for the different sets of Mysteries of the Rosary.

Prayer Prompts

Don’t forget the Lock Screen Prayer Prompts. Let the saints remind you to pray, every time you glance at your phone! They will help you pray more often…and they’re also quite the conversation piece, if you’re brave enough to share your Dream Team of Saints with others!

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