Pilgrimage in Portugal


You may have read about our recent trip Cathedral Hopping in Spain, but I’m just now getting to post about the second part of the trip, the Pilgrimage in Portugal. We did a day trip to Fatima from Lisbon on what happened to be the Eve of the Miracle of the Sun.


Our Lady of Fatima to three children and a shrine has been built in the place of the apparitions.


A few nuns helped us navigate the Reconciliation cuing system to find an English speaking priest before we attended the outdoor Mass and Eucharistic procession around the huge square. Bill made friends in the Reconciliation line-up with other English-speaking pilgrims including a Canadian who attends a neighboring parish!



We watched dedicated pilgrims making their way down the kneeling path to the Chapel of Apparitions.


…and we saw the ginormous Votive Candles of every shape and size thrown into the fire for prayer petitions.


We walked by the vendors of holy statues, rosaries, medals, candles…and even crocheted Holy Family and Saints.

We wandered around the holy site, reciting the rosary and taking in the prayers of so many Faith-filled people.

Just like 99 years ago, it rained, butĀ Fatima also showed us a beautiful sunset.


Here’s a How To Guide to Fatima for Pilgrims.

In case you’d still like to see more…I just finished off my basic attempt at our Spain and Portugal trip video. Don’t worry…it’s under 7 minutes long and you can view it right here!

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