Cathedral Hopping in Spain


So…we’ve actually returned from our Sojourn in Spain, cathedral hopping and pilgrimage to Fatima. I had high hopes of blogging as we travelled, but we were just having way too much fun to stare at screens…so I’ll post my super-quick trip summaries now.


Spain was beautiful! We drove through picturesque, mountainous countryside and busy, beautiful cities. We wandered through Girona on the first day…


…and then we were blown away by the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona! We returned later in the day to attend Mass in the Crypt!


We loved exploring Spain!

OK, it was a little nerve-wracking at times driving (fast!) through those little narrow, jogging one-way streets, finding ourselves thick in pedestrian traffic with nary a parking spot in sight. Twice, just when we considered bee-lining it out of the busy city streets and incidentally after we prayed a Hail Mary for some help from Our Lady, we were ushered into a parking spot, freeing us to walk around!


The Cathedral of the Holy Chalice in Valencia claims to house the Chalice held by Jesus at the Last Supper! You can read all about it here.


We attended Sunday Mass, celebrated by the Bishop at the Cathedral in Malaga, Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación.


Another beautiful Cathedral…even if it is nicknamed “La Manquita” (‘the one-armed’) because the south tower remains unfinished.

You can read more about it here.

Seville was the last city we visited in Spain and it was getting pretty dark before we navigated our way through the city streets, found a parking spot and walked over to the largest Gothic cathedral and third-largest church in the world.


The remains of Christopher Columbus are housed within this Cathedral (and we were there on Columbus Day!)…although a friend/official tour guide we met the next day told us that it may only be a small piece of Christopher Columbus…(like his finger), as there are a number of sites that have fought over his remains. Ewww.


I’ll post more pictures about our time in Portugal… as I get caught up with laundry, house stuff, blogging and sleep!

I’ve also got a couple awesome Catholic products to review

…and a new product line of my own to launch! Stay tuned!


  1. How marvelous! We have looked at doing something similar with a rental car. We wanted to rent from Lisbon and return the vehicle in France to visit Lourdes but have not found a rental agency that would allow us to do this, without attaching a huge penalty fee for not returning at place of origin. What agency did you use for the car?
    Thank you for sharing sounds amazing!

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