Seder Supper 2015

This is our Seder Supper 2015!

seder spread

Prepare enough place settings for each member of the family…plus the Prophet Elijah.

Seder lighting the candle

Light candles and say a prayer thanking God for loving us. Ask for the Holy Spirit to give us special understanding of the Passover Feast and of the Passion of Jesus.

Take 4 sips, remembering the 4 promises that God made to Moses to save His People.

  • “I will bring you out of Egypt” 
  • “I will free you from slavery” 
  • “I will save you by My Own Hand” 
  • “I will be Your God”

seder parsleyThe parsley represents new life!

The salt water represents the tears of the Israelites.

The unleavened bread (pita bread) reminds us of the haste with which our ancestors left Egypt.

The horseradish reminds us of the bitter life of the Israelites in Egypt.

The haroset reminds us of the sweetness that can come out of bitter experiences…if we have hope in God.

Seder Patriarch

Selected passages from Scripture, recalling the life of Moses, the plagues and the original Passover are read by our family patriarch, Grandpa!

Seder youngest male

OK, ignore the banana

Even the youngest male has a line or two to say…

Seder Supper food

We eat the lamb, recalling the lamb’s blood on the doorposts signaling God to protect them.

fuzzy family pic

tried to go with natural light for this picture: too bad it’s so fuzzy…everyone is smiling!

family pic
We actually celebrated our Seder Supper on Tuesday so that we’re not rushing like the Israelites before the Mass of the Last Supper on Holy Thursday.

We’ve been celebrating the Seder Supper for years in my family, and it has certainly evolved over the years as we continue it with our kids! We probably have a little more variety in the array of food (than the Israelites) so that everyone gets plenty to eat! We can actually be quite distracted and dishevelled just because there are a lot of us squeezed around a little table and we’ve got Adam who can be a little too hungry and excited for the solemnity of it all.

We do our best to do a number of the readings, but we don’t worry too much if we forget the odd detail…or four.

We actually didn’t squeeze a place setting in for Elijah, and I think the wrapped pita accidentally got eaten.  We totally forgot the horseradish and we didn’t cook any hardboiled eggs…and of course we missed Emily who is finishing her last couple weeks of school….but I still think the kids will remember these Seder Suppers for years to come!

While our Seder Supper Free Printable has been very popular, it has sparked some controversy about whether or not Catholics should celebrate the Seder Supper.

I found this article from Salt & Light helpful…along with this article that it borrows from, written by Joe Paprocki.

Seder-Supper-button-288x300If you’d like your own Simplified Seder Supper guide …adapted with references to the Last Supper, you could click this button to get the Simplified Seder Supper. It’s officially $2, but FREE for Subscribers, if you grab the code at the link!



  1. Looks wonderful and memorable Monica! And I love the banana! 🙂 Many blessings as we enter the Triduum!

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