Rome Day Seven: our new Pope Francis Prayer Card!

Rome Pilgrimage Card Equipping Catholic Families

Today, we will go to Mass at St Peter’s Basilica and stay to pray the Angelus with Pope Francis at noon! We are also planning on attending the Papal Audience on Wednesday (the Feast of St Therese!).  One way or another…I will have our own Equipping Catholic Families Pope Francis Prayer Cards with me, to receive a general blessing from Pope Francis!

The front of the card has Kelly’s new Pope Francis drawing with an awesome quote about the Church where we receive MERCY, HOPE, LOVE and FORGIVENESS!

The other side of the prayer card has our own Five Finger Prayer, originally published in A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families. I know that there are prayer posters inspired by Pope Francis and the concept of this handy prayer (sorry, couldn’t help it. =)

When I wrote our book over 13 years ago, it would seem that I was inspired by the same article or idea that Pope Francis was!

Yes, our Five Finger Prayer rhymes >ahem< and it follows the same intentions as Pope Francis’ prayer…for each of the five fingers.

Super easy for kids to learn and remember, just saying. =)

Would YOU like one of our very own Equipping Catholic Families Pope Francis Prayer Cards?

As mentioned on Rome Day One…I’m hoping that I will indeed be able to bring these Pope Francis Prayer Cards home blessed…and we hope to send one out to everyone who requests one by commenting on our Rome blogposts (Sept 22-October 3)… and filling out this form.


  1. The prayer card is perfect for all ages! It would be at the bedside for reciting night prayer with my grandchildren. Thank you for sharing your experience in Rome !
    It is an inspiration as I “visit” along with you.

  2. I have always dreamed of going to Rome, and hope to actually make it there one day. The prayer cards would be very appreciated by the children I teach in RCIC. Thank you!

  3. So glad that you are at the St. Peter’s. I had visited St. Peter’s six years ago when Benedict XVI was Pope. It is so amazing, the Pieta, the masses in different languages throughout, the crypt below the main church, knowing that the church literally was built and St. Peter is there, the bodies of the uncorrupt. I wish I was back there and glad that I can live my memories through your visit.

  4. Love these cards, I know my kids would love them also!

  5. Sounds like you are having a great time. Wish I could be there. What a nice prayer card. Can’t wait to receive one.

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