DIY St Kateri dress for American Doll

American Doll St Kateri

If you’ve seen our Catholic Dreamcatcher, you’ll know that we are busy with crafts for the Feast Day of St Kateri on July 14.

Inspired by the St Kateri paper bag vests at Catholic Inspired and the crumpled version at Catholic Icing, I thought I’d try my own version for Bridget’s American Doll.

The hardest part was finding the lunch size paper bags, but they were at the Dollar Store.

draw First, I drew random patterns on the paper bag with markers.



Next, I unfolded the paper bag a bit to reveal the flat bottom of the bag and then I cut a generous size hole for the head and two side holes for the arms.

Since I didn’t really look too carefully at the other St Kateri paper bag vests, it wasn’t until after I created the dress and took pictures of it on the doll that I realized some marker stitching around the arm and neck holes would add a nice look!



I held the paper bag dress up to the doll and decided to cut about an inch off the bottom of the bag.

I then cut a fringe around the ‘hem’ of the dress to make it look more authentic.




This is the fun part!. Crumpling the paper bag dress into a ball gives it a better textured look!


St Kateri American Doll dress

I dressed Bridget’s American Doll (actually her “Journey Girl” ~ we’re Canadian!) in the St Kateri dress. She’s all ready for St Kateri’s Feast Day!


  1. My daughter studied St Kateri for her saint project last year. We are so doing this!

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