Ascension Craft Fail

If you follow Equipping Catholic Families, you will have noticed that I’m a little overwhelmed right now with end of school year events and celebrations.

That’s right…up here in Canada, school ends June 26th, so our kids are still trudging off to school, completing a bunch of projects the teachers have lumped together at the end…and preparing for Emily’s big exodus from high school. From 50th birthday party to First Communion, stacking cups competition and awards nights, Music Concert, Arts Night and Dance Recital, keeping tabs on independent study projects (see Joe’s Handmade Wooden Weapons), university acceptance…THEN prom this Friday, Joe’s track meet, a 90th birthday party, IHM National Conference prep and travel… and THEN on to exams and graduation.

It’s been a bit of a challenge working the schedule, along with good old fashion dinnertime, a brief flood in the basement, a leaky bathtub faucet we’ve disassembled (waiting for parts to fix), a full street garage sale, Joe’s first Squires convention, an 8 year old sleepover…and a racing team of pesky squirrels ruling our soffit.

Feeling a little neglectful of my blog, I tried a craft for the Feast of the Ascension.

I know. It’s WAY late…and it didn’t really work, but here it goes:

Ascension Bubble Craft

If anyone knows the proper mix of paint, water and dish detergent…please leave it in the comments!

I know our technique needs some tips!

It was fun mixing the paint and blowing the bubbles.

I found blowing through the straw into acrylic paint mixed with dish detergent only… just made a sputtering mess.

I then began to add water…and eventually a little too much water because although the bubbles formed easily, they were pretty watery…

I probably should have used watercolor paper.

Bubble Painting Ascension

Although the bubbles looked pretty cool while they were wet (on top of the paper)… they became quite unsatisfying as the bubbles popped and the little bubbles dried.

Egg Carton Jesus Ascension

I figured I’d cheat a little bit and cheer up my Ascension Bubble Painting FAIL with the Egg Carton Jesus.

There have been other craft fails in the past, but I don’t remember posting about them.

I have been thinking about how sometimes I clearly feel inspiration in my projects and in my blog writing…and right now, clearly I don’t.

Is it because I can’t sit still long enough, I can’t focus, distracted by all the family commitments right now?

Or maybe God is focusing my priorities right now?


I think I know what I’ve got to do.

Gotta go…family first!

(I’m not sure that I’m going to get to a Pentecost craft this year…but you can check these awesome Pentecost Crafts at Catholic Inspired and Catholic Icing.)

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